Meghna Raj says ” its a relationship beyond love with Anoop Menon”

05-meghana-raj-shares-relation-beyond-love-with-anoop-menonMeghna Raj  says that she shares a good chemistry with Anoop Menon and adds that she is more comfortable acting along with him. Meghna Raj  says that her first movie with Anoop was Beautiful. At that time, Anoop was a very introvert and never used to speak much on the sets. He used to go somewhere and sit alone, thinking and writing something on a sheet of paper

Later, after doing movies like Namukku Parkkan and Banking Hours, Meghna Raj says that they started talking each other and became good friends. Meghna Raj  praises Anoop saying that he is agood performer and gives a nice shot even without a rehearsel.Meghana concludes that there are relationships that are just beyond love. She adds that she shares such a healthy reltionship with Anoop Menon, whom she thinks is her best pair on screen. She said all these facts in an interview given to a leading magazine