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Hi,Entertainment Corner had Just Launched its Second Hand book online selling Program.We are planning for all sections of second Hand Books but as a first try we are now dealing with Engineering books.You can sell or Buy any text book with us .If you want to sell your text we will buy it from you as respect to the need of that text for other users. Those who want to Buy or sell text please enter the details.We will contact you within Hours to make the deal.Engineering Book department is one of the new divisions of Entertainment Corner .We provide books which you have enquired of and it will reach to You at the medium which will be extremely comfortable to you.

We have collected a large bulk orders of books which were used in all common universities such as Kerala University ,M.G University and all prominent universities outside and inside Kerala.The books which we provide you will be extremely examined and controlled within our Jurisdictions and shipped to your destinations with maximum efforts from our side.Be sure to place order quickly and correctly.The Contact information should be Pakka,which will be extremely good to reach to you.

We update the website every few days and add books. Please do visit the website regularly to find books, comics and exciting stuff.

Find the cheapest method to buy a book for your studies ,yes its close to you through our site.As you know there are a lot of people in our country engaged on Engineering ┬ástudies .Almost there are more than 70 colleges (Engineering faculties) in Kerala only .Also similar is the case of other Indian states and Union territories.Soon we will launch our official Android app so that you can easily contact us through your smartphone which is the choice of the moment.Yeah we are there for you…




Nb-Buying and Selling of Book relates to availability of the same so please pardon if any delay occurs

This Page is completely made within the regulations and norms under our company Entertainment corner.All the activities linked with this department will be have same rules applied within it.Thanks for Visiting our Site.





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