You Too Brutus Review

you too brutus 03You Too Brutus is a new movie directed by Roopesh Pethambaran.You Too Brutus has a long star cast consisting of Asif Ali,Sreenivasan,Rachana Narayankutti,Ena Saha,Honey Rose,Vinu Mohan,Tovino Tomas and Samsrithi Shenoy.The movie Narration compraises of a non linear story telling method similar to that of Roopesh Pethambaran’s first film Thevram.You brutus was produced by Sheik Afsal and release is done through Sree Surya.You Too Brutus has lots of expectations from all parts where it is Roopesh’s second outing After Dulquer starer Theevram.Did the movie kept those expectations..?.


You Too Brutus in all ways is an out and out comedy movie.It came with a simple story and the makers made maximum efforts in making out the plot a with lot of humour situations.The movie starts from life of Abhi and Aparna played by Rachana Narayankutti and  Asif Ali’s life after marriage.the rest of the plot moves in the way surrounding them ,as the movie focus through lot of lives.And the basic element in all these stories is “Betreayal”.The movie consist of stories of Hari played by Sreenivcasan who is abhi’s elder brother,Tovino played by Tovino thomas who is a room mate of Hari , Vicky played by Anu Mohan and  Arun played by Ahmed Siddque who are also room mates of Hari.In a wide Canvas You Too Brutus tells the story of six people who are connected to each other in many means.

The movie starts in slow pace and gradually it picks up pace with the witty one liners and many humour situations.The movie has many funny situations which will make a normal viewer to hang on the seat till two hours.However there arises some problems of Contiounity ,but it can be left alone since the movie’s Narration style is much different from the normal pattern.There nothing much from the story aspect of the movie ,everthing which made entertaining was from its screenplay and Narration style.Roopesh need appreciations since he made a good ,decent attempt in making a humour movie with non linear narration .The second half is  good comparing to the first half as it had back to back climaxes for the stories of all those characters which was shown in the first Half.

All the actors did their part,Especialy Sreenivasan ,Rachana Narayankutti,Ena Saha ,Sudhi Koppa looked perfect in thier role.Asif Ali was okeyy in his role also Tovno and Vinu Mohan.On moving on to the Technical aspects.Thre are some clumsiness in script  which may be due to the non linear Narration.But the movie served its purpose as its primary motto was to make people laugh.Roopesh Peethambaran’s Direction was good also songs and Background Music from Roby Abraham.


Postives-Actors,Background Music

Neagtives-Lags here and There

Verdict-You Too brutus will make you laugh that is sure…

Rating -3.25/5


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