Vismayam Review


It is nowadays the audience are very particular and filmmakers are become trending with making films which showing the story of different lives rather than telling the story of an individual one. So the question remains me while decided to watch Vismayam is ‘how Vismayam differ from the others ? Or what particular in it? ’. After watching Vismayam it is very clear that there are some special in storytelling and this is one which differs from the usual scenario, the answer for ‘what is special in it ?’ that will surely can seen in this film and that will makes you ‘Vismayam’.


Vismayam is concerned with four stories which are happening in a single world. Vismayam tells you the story of four different lives Sai Ram – assistant manager in Super market, Gayathri – House wife, Abhiram – engineering student and Mahitha a school girl. There are something unusual happens in their life and how they face and overcomes it is the rest. In total what Vismayam tells you is that the story of struggles of middle class families and how they resolve the problems.On screen Vismayam brings you some memorable vintage performances and in star cast there are lot specialties and the main is the rejoining of Mohanlal Goutami pair after a few years, even though there are not much combination scenes that was a delight to see them watch in a single film. After a few gap Urvashi was also doing an unforgettable performance through Vismayam.


Mohanlal is back with his vintage performance and surely the true ‘Lalism’ in him can be seen through Vismayam. After Drishyam we can see a dedicated actor in himself on Vismayam and he is amazingly excels with Sai Ram’s Body Language and Mannerisms. Next is Goutami , she had done very beautifully and this is the best one after her comeback. Even though there were similarities in her role with Papanasam she made Gayathri away from the shades and made a catchy performance.Next in lead roles are Viswant Duddumpudi as Abhiram has also made a good performance and he is able to do with the same energy of a college student and as vibrant as he can he done it almost to perfection. Raina Rao as Mahitha did a quite pretty job and the cuteness is enough to love you Mahitha and only flaw I noticed that the dialogues are being heavy for a school girl in some places rather that she did a wonderful acting.After a gap Urvashi was also there in Vismayam, even though there are a lot of shades in her character she managed well in that role and keeps safe zone in acting. Vismayam has a lot of star cast including Gollapudi Maruti Rao, Naresh , Paruchuri Venketeswara Rao ,P balachandran , Vennela Kishore and Anisha Ambrose all are sincere to their job and executed with not so much mistakes.


Making wise, Chandra Sekhar Yeleti managed to direct Vismayam as far as from the recent repetitions in the genre and as a director not much flaws from his side. On scripting it was a lot enough you to make you edge to seat but on dialogues there seems some heaviness to handle it as like I said earlier in the case of Mahitha. Characterizations are packed very well and the struggles of middle class families are well executed. Making wise Vismayam excels enough you to keep engaged.
Technically, Cinematography by Rahul Shrivatsav was good and brisk enough to get the mood of the film along with superb cuts from G V Chandra Sekhar. The editor needs a special mention because of that editing is a major factor while making this genre of films and in Vismayam there are fine cuts from G V Chandtra Sekhar. Vismayam includes five tracks composed by Mahesh Shankar, the song s are good enough and being addict. BGM was also fine and blends with the film. No more from this side and Vismayam got good support from this section.


Overall, Vismayam is a well placed movie which avoids almost all clichés and presented in a decent way. Vismayam got all essence to keep you engaged and I sure that Vismayam will never test your patience and never waste your money. Now it’s the time for a sum total and I’m going with a rating of /5 for this fine product from Chandra Sekhar Yeleti and Crew.

3.5 stars