maxresdefaultVellimoonga is a comedy Entertainer Directed by Jibu Abel Jacob,Who is Familiar with Malayalam film industry with his previous works as a cinematographer.The Movie is turning out to be a sucess hit even with a moderate starcast.Biju Menon enacting the lead role Mamachan in Vellimoonga.

The Movie is all about a political leader’s life in kerala which is played by Biju Menon. Mamachan (Biju Menon) is a bachelor politician in his early 40s. Unlike his father, who was a pure Gandhian, Mamachan is a new generation politician, who is extremely cunning.The major issue in Mamchan’s life is his bachelorhood. He is desperate to get married and searching for a suitable bride. After a series of incidents, Mamachan falls in love with Lisa (Nikki Galrani), who is much younger than him. He tries to win her heart in so many ways and gets into some unexpected situations. This forms the rest of the story.

The movie’s biggest plus is the performance from the lead actors like BijuMenon and Tiny Tom.Joji George scripted the movie well and the Direction was apt for the story .Vishnu Narayan was engaging with his frames.

Positives – Biju Menon,Tiny Tom,Direction,cinematography

Negatives-Narrow one liner

Review – Entertainer

Rating- 3/5

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