Veeram Review



Veeram,the maestro Jayaraj directorial movie had much hype of its own as the movie was one of the most budgeted movie ever made in Malayalam and had a great Technical team behind it.The movie was released in screens all around Kerala through LJ films.Has the movie done enough to satisfy the hype it created ..Lets find out in detailed review.


To be Frank Veeram is a Visual Treat and something which Malayalam cinema never experienced before as far as the visual treatment is concerned.The credibility of the Technicians worked was made movie which is classy and Visually Brilliant.The story section need no introduction as its something which we heard several times in routine life.Illanthalam Chandu,the warrior from Kerala’s great traditional folks is the protagonist in the movie.To say the least protagonist is not the word ,the word opposite to Protagonist is actually the description about the character illanthalam Chandu in the movie played by Kunal Kapoor.Veeram is all about Chandu’s life story as he tries to conquer everything for power.The movie is Made on the lines of famous classic Macbeth from William Shakespeare.


Moving the Movie’s Technical and script aspects Veeram has a predictable story line which is easily countered with High end visuals and the technology used within.The Dialogues were almost like translation from the famous Macbeth which is initially the core theme of the same.The sensible and power packed performance from the lead actors including Kunal Kapoor is an extra punch for Veeram.Kunal with his masculine looks seems to be the perfect fit to portray Chandu.Divani Thackoor also delivered a neat performance .Himarsha Venkatsamy also done a role in Veeram.Shivajith Nambiar who is a debutante done justice to his role and he looks promising for the future.


The movie is of 104 Minutes which makes even the slow paced scenes to pass through soon enough and That pace has certainly helped Jayaraj to overcome the clumsiness here and there.The technicians did a fabulous job and something that Malayalam cinema could boast off even in coming years.The technical elements including the Sets were “ANGAM” Perform,the brilliant grading effects used and the cinematography which Jayaraj hired world class technicians was something peotical.Appu Bhattthiri’s Cuts made the movie look better and rhythamatic.And last but not least Rughnath Ravee’s Sound department was incredible

On the whole Veeram is a Visual Grandeur which brilliantly narrated by craft of Jayaraj…

Rating -3.5/5