After so much speculations this Diwali season here brings the most awaited movie Vedhalam to the big screens all over India. Vedhalam is the second coalition with the director Siva who worked earlier for Veeram. Coming to the movie this one is also a similar product from the director Siva’s outlet, simply it’s a movie belongs under the usual Tamil flicks filled with actions and emotions as a byproduct. Siva is well known for making films under this genre and here also he succeeded to deliver a cinema by his own choice and format, what’s the question to be discussed is how long he can stood up with this branded films and how the audience treat with this type of films again and again he get duplicated.
The biggest positive of Vedhalam is the captivating screen presence of Ajith and that’s the only reason to see this film and without any doubt we can say that his vibrant performance is the backbone of the film, even for his simple gestures the applause from the audience is too heavy. Coming to the heroine Sruthi Hasan, not too much from her and she is set fixed in this film only for the body show and what’s more irritating in the movie was her horrible performance. Lakshmi menon was good with her role. This is not a movie more concerned for performance so by that reason no more spotting is needed all are good and slightly over with their roles.
Making wise as I said earlier Siva doesn’t tried anything new, at the time also he is capable for making this one without any boredom and stylishness in his usual format and the ‘star’ Ajith is safe in his hands throughout the movie. Even though Siva flourishes in direction as a writer he fails to get rid from a clichéd storyline and that is bulging.
Technically, the film got whatever it’s needed from this side and cinematography by Vetri was good and its add more colour to the film as a rapid one. Next is music by Anirudh blends with the movie and the songs are damn too energetic. Except the first 30 minutes of the movie there are some fine cuts from Ruben. From this side no more flaws and this side helps this film to get track through the rythm that needed for a fast movie like this.
Overall, Vedhalam from Ajith is moreover for the fans of the star and spark in it is too low,if you’re a hardcore fan of Ajith you can definitely book tickets and others take the movie at your own risk. So time for a sum up the number you are looking for this movie from Siva and crew is 2.5/5.
My Rating: 2.5/5

Review By Nadishah