Take Off review



Take off movie was on a much hype as the movie was about the real incident happened to women nurses in Iraq and the trailer of Take Off makes the expectation very high.Famous Editor Mahesh Narayan’s first directorial venture Take Off hit  theaters on today .The initial hype was high due to trailer which showed sparks of quality product on the making side.After watching take of guarantee that its well written ,well narrated movie which predominantly details emotions on turmoil which is very much realistic .The movie is something beyond a real life thriller ,it has something which packed with human emotions.


Parvathy plays the character of Sameera who is divorced Nurse who values her family and her relationship very much.Sameera works in a hospital where she gets minimal salary and for the liabilities for her family she searches for a new Job and She ends up in hospital in Iraq which offers to pay a good salary.But the problem was the Hospital which Sameera was offered the job was in War zone and still due to her laiblities and problems Sameera agrees to join hospital in Iraq,The movie ‘s rest plot deals with the series of events happening in the war zone of Iraq and how Sameera and her colleagues were trapped inside the custody of militants and their survival and escape from the hands of Militants.

take ooffTo be Frank on the production side,Technical department and the actor’s side efforts were more than a 100 percent and that paid off for Takeoff.Take off, in the coming days can be classified to one of the best movies with its great cinematography,gripping  editing cuts and brilliant screenplay.The screenplay was such a gem which made the the movie an unforgettable outing.Script writer P V Shaji Kumar need applause for making a cute and sweet love story between Samera(Paravathy’s Character ) and shaheed (Kunjacko Boban’s Charcter).The movie core slowly and steadily reveals out and the thriller nature is tried to maintain till the end.


The cinematography Element in the film has to be appreciated as the cinematographer Sanu John Varghese made such brilliant visuals even though the slow paced earlier potions too looked brilliant on the screen due to this visual magic.Mahesh Narayan showed his class as a director where a he told story in a manner which is visually tempting .Editing too need applause as the cuts were brilliant and gripping.Mahesh Narayanan on his first outing as a director has tried maximum to make a movie that touch our hearts.


Once again Parvathy rocked in her character performance,she was the backbone of the movie and Kunchacko Boban did Justice to his role.Fahad with some of his scenes making goosebumps was good enough to make audience with his brilliant cinematic enigma.However still the best part of the movie is Direction and Cinematography which has to be said again and again for its excellence.Take off is a brilliant cinematic experience which is a excellent take on a real life incident and has a great standards kept on the all departments.The movie will give you moist eyes and thrilling moments at many points.


Overall, Take off is a well written and well said cinema by Mahesh Narayan and crew. As a dedication to Rajesh Pillai, Take off gives that same feel that the Traffic given. With some striking performance and the thrilling mood of the film Take off is going to fly your emotions. Even within the limits of Malayalam cinema, the makers are able to put this cinema in the quality of an International cinema and totally it’s an outstanding experience.
 Verdict- Must Watch

Rating -4/5