Director : Binu.S

Stars : Unni Mukunthan,Tovino Thomas,Priyanka Kandwal

Rating : 3/5


Style Malayalam movie is a Romantic-Comedy genre directed by Binu S (Ithihasa). Movie stars Unni Mukundan and Priyanka Kandwal in lead role.Unni Mukundan as Tom is a car mechanic and he works with his father. He has a younger brother and falls in love with a girl named Diya played by Priya Kandwal. In their beautiful life there comes lots of problems and a turning point when Edgar played Tovino Thomas enters their life. Tovino is a playing as a psycho character and who loves old cars. What all problems does Tom faces and how he solves his problems is the rest of the story.

Unni is incredible as the lead guy Tom. He can carry an entire movie in his shoulders. Priya Khandelwal does not have lot to do in the movie, but she is good in the short role.

The movie mainly focuses on the two stars Unni Mukundan and Tovino Thomas. These actors were the soul of the film. Unni Mukundan has shown a stylish good performance. Tovino has also done a great performance in the movie. Both of them has different types of characters and excels in what they are ought to do.

Beautiful Priya Kandwal has also done a good job, but has to improve more. Master Ilhan needs a special mention in the movie and he has done a cute performance. Vijayaraghavan, Baiju, Santhosh Keezhattoor, Balu Varghese and Noby etc. has done their part in the movie.

Overall the movie is a great entertainer movie and has all elements like thrills, romance, emotions and jokes. This is a watchable movie and fans of Unni Mukundan and Tovino Thomas will be with their performance.



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