She Taxi


she taxiShe Taxi is a new movie directed by SAaji Surendran and produced by Abraham Mathew.The mnovie has Kavya Madavan ,Anoop Menon and Sheelu Abraham on the lead roles.As the name suggests the movie is a one having much importance to its femle cxaharcters.The prtogonist female lead in the movie is done by Kavya Madhavan.Its Kavya return movie after a long gap.Her last movie was about one year ago and in this mean time  she hadnt made any appreance in silver screen.Moving on the movie its an usual Saji Surendran movie with the same crux team he works with,ie Anil nair as Cinematographer and Krishna Poojpura in script.His last movie Angry Babies in Love was  an Average Flick and gathered mixed review.It was a commericail hit as it complted almost 50 days in main realese centre.Well can deliver gain through She Taxi …Let move on to that.

Usually Saji Surendran’s movie are oriented only on Humour elements.There will not be any realistic element about it and he most of the time time deliver through his style of Film Making.His fun /Humour/Slapstic sequences can make a movie worthy of Watching.Saji Surendran adopted a similar method of Film Making in the movie She Taxi Too.But the problem experienced by fact is such that we are on verge of a movie revolution where we have movies like Amen,Munnariyip,C.K and much more varied approaches from film makers.I’m not stating that she taxi is a bad movie.Its a good family entertainer by all means by the story line and Cliche Elements looked old.But It has everything for a viewer to watch it for 155 minutes.

The story is all about Devayani who Runs a Taxi cab for a living.She effortlessly foughts with day to day life to make everyone happy around her.One Day she mets three Lady Researchers who were on to Simila for a particular purpose.Devayani tooks them them to Simla in her Taxu Cab.On the path way they met with Joe Joseph Played by Anoop Menon who was in a bad situation due to his debt.Joe was a man from devayani’s life.Joe’s along with his two friends tris to know the intentions of the lady researchers who were in the car.The Movie’s Rest Plots deals with a piece of painting which is very costly and the gangs intentins to find that.

The movie moves on to simla and to Buddist Monks by a large extent in some parts and get settled to it old tone in some places.This makes the movie clumsy in Some Parts.The usual comic duos seen in Mlayalam films Noby and Sooraj did their roles  up to passmark,as the Humour scenes from Noby made certain vibes in theatres.

On the whole the movie may be classified into one time watchable by certain extents.If you are not interested in those sort of slapstick comedy movies better avoid it.



Verdict-May be watchable(depends)

Rating -2.25/5