Seconds Review

secondsSeconds is a new movie directed by Aneesh Upasana after matinee.Seconds is produced by Ajay Jose under Achoos International.Seconds has a large star cast including Jayasurya,Vinay Fort,Aparana Nair and Vinayakan. Anoop Shivasenan and Shani Khader had penned script for the movie .

Its Jayasurya’s Third release with in the span of one month.Lal Bhahdur Shastri and Mathai Kuzhapakaranala was the other two releases.Seconds was in media hype while producer and director undergone a fasting strike aganist the distributors of the movie.Film is of a crime thriller genre.Also another important factor in Second is the non-linear story treatment method deployed in it.It was almost like a Rashimon method of treatment used in it.

The movie unfolds through four charcters and their lives.Under a specific circumstance they unites and walk along for a common cause.The movie is treated as a perfect crime thriller.The first half shows indroduction each charcter and their way of life.The second was very well poised especially last thirty minutes of the movie was simply brilliant.Dialogues and manerisms of each charcter sort out Seconds as a brilliant crime Thiller movie.

Cinematography of the movie was another important factor to mention.Camera angles and texture were good.Aneesh Upsana on his second appearance had delivered a good movie which hangs audience to edge of their seats.


Negatives-Lags in first Half

Verdict-Second is a well poised crime thriller.A must watch one


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