School Bus Review

School Bus Review-Roshan-Bobby- Sanjay trio is becoming one of the most successful coalition in Malayalam cinema and School Bus is new one from this team. Coming to the plot School Bus discuss about the insecurities feel by the children in modern busy world and follows by an unusual incident. Childhood is considered as the best part in anyone’s life and how they explore it will remember throughout their life. If it get worse or obstructed it will affect badly and here in School Bus, Roshan Andrews is discussing about inhibition of freedom.

Even though this subject is treated several times, School Bus attracts with it’s perfect scripting. Aakash Muralidharan and Angeleena Roshan are the main attractions of School Bus, both this two portray their roles within their limits and delivered a naet performance. Beyond this two there are few more child arists their and they were also good in their performance. Jayasurya presented the role as a Father in an impressive way and he is good as a strict father. Aparna Gopinath one of the matured performance of her after Munnariyippu. She needs a special appreciation for portraying a role of Mother and nowadays most of says NO to such a role.
Kunchako Boban, in his usual way he presented that character as good as he can and no more words needed because it is such an easy role for him. Sudheer Karamana, Nandhu ,Minon are some of the rest shared screen for run time and all are sincere to their portrayal. As I said earlier, School Bus enhance in mainly Scripting and Direction and both these factors made a repeated story can be watched without any boredom.


Making wise Roshan Andrews is the one director who follows a perfect execution and here also no more flaws. Cinematography by C K Muralidharan was brisk enough to implement this one into a technically perfect one. There are no songs in the movie and BGM was done by Gopi Sundar, as usual he tried to get blend with the situations. Fine cuts from Vivek Harshan. Overall, School bus is a good one from Roshan Andrews and team. Those the parents who are treating their children in strict manner and keeping away from exploring the freedom must watch this one and allow them to fly…



Verdict: GOOD

Review:Nadirsha K.N