Samsaram Arogyathinu Hanikaram Review

unnamed (1) copy Samsaram Arogyathinu Hanikaram is a fantasy movie that revolves around a rare strain of flu that spreads in a village and makes people lose their ability to speak.The film is totally different from the recent entertainers made in Malayalam.I don’t know how many of you like this film,because its follows a new narrative style.The director made use of fiction and comedy for making his film into an engaging one. Performance wise Dulqar has done a neat job and Nazriya was cool in her role,rest of the cast had done justice to their roles.Technical side was ok.A film is always considered as a directors product and this one also proves that.Balaji Mohan Succeeded to make his film into a engaging one and we can expect more from him. Overall Samsaram Arogyathinu Hanikaram was a nice thought.If you are in a search for something new go for it otherwise avoid it.

Rating: 3.25/5
Review By:Nadirsha K

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