Salt Mango Tree

salt mango tree

Salt Mango Tree Review
What’s the reason for taking this film on the very first day itself is that recently we have experienced small films without any deliberate star cast makes huge success like Vellimoonga,Ithihasa..for that reason and boring holidays made me to see this film. Anyway Salt Mango Tree is a family movie revolves around the life of Aravind and his family presented in an easy manner without any so much of intense and that’s the best and moreover the worst part of the movie. Rajesh Nair deals the film in a usual way and what he tried for a feel good movie, but coming to the output the movie lacks the feel in it.

Performance wise ,as usual Biju Menon did his role without any sluggishness and he takes more part for made this film watchable without any boredom. The actress who portray the role Priya was okay with her performance. Suhasini was there in the movie made a neat performance as Deepa.The movie doesn’t have any much star cast and also doesn’t have any performance to be showcased so not much write up for this side and one more thing Vinod Kovoor is there in to handle comedy side I can’t say that he made me laugh too much but his presence was favourable and he has the potential to reach another level.

Making wise Rajesh Nair tried to made this film in an comfortable manner and he is partially succeeded in his job, as I said earlier the movie has not enough flesh in it to make audience gripped. If the scripting side was more effective the film sounds better than now but it didn’t happened and that makes Salt Mango Tree moderately done in cinemas.

Technically, no more aspects for a detailed write up and all the outcomes are in such an average level except some fine cuts.
Overall, Salt Mango Tree from Rajesh Nair is an half baked one and if you have enough time to spare you can definitely have this for a onetime watch and the rating for this product from Rajesh Nair is 2.5/5.
Rating: 2.5/5

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