SAITHAN movie review


Saithan, the most anticipated movie from Vijay Antony hits the screen today and the most of the audience are expecting an edge to seat thriller form Vijay Antony and he is the man behind the reformation of Tamil cinema by his own definitions and always he keeps unparallel for the usual Tamil Gimmicks and here also Vijay Antony excels in his choose. Saithan is made in the genre Psychological Thriller and let’s have a look is it being a yet another different movie from Vijay Antony and is it capable for Thrill the audience.


Saithan is an psychological thriller which was adapted from the novel “Aaah”, written by the late writer Sujatha Rangarajan and Stieg Larsson’s novel ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’. The lead actor plays the character of Dinesh who is the software engineer, who struggles between his previous life and reality. Rest of the film deals with how Dinesh deals with his problem and how he put an end to this.


As I said earlier, a film form Vijay Antony means that it is not a usual flick in Tamil Cinema and it is clearly visible in the Vijay Antony’s Filmography. In 2012, he made his acting debut, enacting the lead role in the thriller film Naan. His next venture as an actor and music director was Salim, in which he portrayed the same character from Naan both Naan and Salim were sleeper hits. India Pakistan, his next release, a romantic comedy, was the first film he starred in but did not compose music for. His next was Pichaikkaran and that was a massive hit. The reason for mentioning this was to make you aware about his different attempts and those who love these movies from him Saithan would also an Impressive attempt from him, for others I don’t think so.

Coming to the performance side, Vijay Antony is absolutely made that role to perfection and he seems more relative to that character by his Body Languages and Mannerisms. The struggle of that Character made clearly visible by him through his wonderful performance and those who love Vijay Antony, Saithan is going to be delightful performance from him. He is just outstanding in that role. Arundhathi Nair as Devagi made also a better performance.

Charuhasan, Meera Krishnan, Y G Mahendra, Siddartha Shankar, Kamal Krishna, Aadukalam Murugadoss, Vijay Sarathy and Kitty are includes the rest of cast and among this Charuhasan will come after Vijay Anthony from impressive Performance and that was one which specially mentioned. Rest of the characters were done role their roles sincerely as much as they can and now more flaws from their side.


Making wise, Pradeep Krishnamoorty made this as an impressive one in the genre a psychological thriller and he filled it with many surprise elements. He looks convincing in directing those flashback scenes and emotional scenes and he almost added all the ingredients for make you thrilled and at the same time a little scary. The only problem I felt in his direction was if the film narration kept a little fast rather than the slow narration, the film will be more thrilling than now. Scripting section is also convincing.

Technically, a film like this needs a much better cinematography and definitely got from Pradeep Kalipurayathu and next after Vijay Antony and Director he is the one needs a special applause, because he is the one fulfilled the vision of Director and neatly capture the emotions of the film. Editing is also an important factor and Editor Veera Santhil Raja done this part carefully except some climax portions. Music By actor Vijay Antony itself and impressive in all manners and Blends with the situations and it promotes the scary environment in the film.

Overall, Saithan is a yet another impressive film from Vijay Antony and the crew packed this with in semi horror genre. Vijay Antony’s Superb Performance and well written screenplay are the advantages of Saithan and keeping that advantage Saithan make you a complete visual treat and almost an edge to seat thriller. Watch the movie in theaters…

Rating -3.5/5

Verdict -Must watch movie

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