Ring Master Movie Review


Ring Master, the directorial by Rafi, with Dileep in the lead is a fun filled entertainer, which strictly demands the viewer not to go for logic.


Story The story of Ring Master revolves around Prince (Dileep), a guy working at a pet care firm run by his friend Dr. Muthu (Kalabhavan Shajon). Prince has his lifetime wish to go abroad and settle. Addition to the group is Peter (Aju Varghese), who works as an assistant director, and is on his plan to direct a movie.

Once, Muthu convinces Prince to take up the dog care job of a house, telling him proper caring of the pets would please the house owner Elizabeth (Ranjini), who is leaving to US and can help him to settle abroad. Elizabeth asks him to take special care of her most loved dog Lisa, and warns him not to get the dog go in company with the male ones.Taking up the job, Prince tries his best to look after Lisa, but fails when a male dog Toby, taken care of by a blind girl Karthika (Keerthi Menaka), enters their compound more often for his love towards Lisa. Lisa gets pregnant, but on delivery loses her life leaving just a female puppy. Prince and Muthu decides to name the puppy Diana, the name of Prince’s ex lover (Honey Rose), who is now a well known actress. They decide to train the dog Diana well that can reduce the pain of Lisa’s death news to Elizabeth on her return.

On the course, Prince develops a deep bonding with Karthika. Things take a turn in Prince’s and the new dog Diana’s life when Peter directs his first movie with Diana in the lead. The movie gets megahit status and many new offers from various languages gets to them. Lifestyle of Prince and Diana changes and once they are called in for a Malayalam movie directed by Ravi (Rafi) which stars Diana (Honey Rose) in the lead role. Rest of the story speaks of the clashes between Prince and Diana, and the return of Elizabeth which gets Prince to many troubles.PerformancesDileep as always is likeable. His expressions and one liners provide much laughs to the viewers. Keerthi Menaka is good with the role of a blind girl, but leaves scope for improvements in the dubbing parts. Honey Rose as Diana shares equal screen space with Keerthi and performs her role real well.Rafi, the director himself making his acting debut is a surprise package. Kalabhavan Shajon, Aju Varghese, Suraj Venjaramood (Adv Shravan) are capable of entertaining the viewers. Rest of the actors including ranjini, Vijayaraghavan, Undapakru (Achankunju), have done justice to their roles.Technical AspectsCinematography by Shaji is good, but offers nothing exceptional.Music by Gopi Sundar attains its positive with energetic BGM and the soulful song Aaro..The director himself handles the script and dialogues, and is successful with the first half where there are much to laugh for. Second half of the movie does have much fun and emotional elements, but turns to a cliche galore and is much loud and noisy.
Verdict-On the whole, Ring Master might turn out to be a decent watch for family audience who are in search for a movie to relax, enjoy, and laugh out loud, without looking for logic.