Rasputin is a new movie featuring Vinay Foirt and Aju Vargeese on the lead roles.The movie was released on last Friday in thetres all over Kerala.Rasputin ,the movie  which completed shoot long time ago was in much Financial crisis as per reports,the producers were unable to release movie movie due to financial troubles.The movie is directed by Jinu Danieal ,who also wrote the screenplay for the movie .Rasputin is Jinu Daniael’s debut movie ,Jinu formerly worked as the assistant directed for Bollywood movies under prominent directors in India.it has been financed by EP Varghese.The Other Star Cast Consist of Sreenath Bhasi along with Joy Mathew, Archana Gupta, Vandana Menon, Sunil Sugatha etc.

The movie was made as a romantic comedy Flick ..Did the makers were able to full fill the expectation..?Lets findout…

The movie revolves around a central character played by Vinay Fort named Satheeshan.Satheeshan is shy character and he always fails in presenting himself to other especially in the case of girls.He can’t impress the girls as his own.He became gloomy due to that issues.His cousin Radhenathan played by Sreenath Bhasi comes to his help .Radhenathan indroduces him to his friend Gopalan played by Aju Varghese who is extremely desperate to woo girls from foreign countries and became a womenizer.Later Satheeshan gets a date from a doctor named smith and later on become a guy who will fit for new generation.

Frankly speaking.Rasputin was a waste of effort from the director.The theme was soo poor so that there was nothing engaging about the movie.However the screenplay could have been better if it had good humour situations to it,But that too failed.The actors expect Aju Varghese and Sreenath Bhasi failed in thier performance.The Narration style was flowless and the movie demanded for as far narration is concerned.Only plus points in the movie were Hari Nair’s Camera and Roby Abraham’s music.That was a stand out feature of the movie,after that the was nothing to make the audeince happy.



Verdict-Waste of an effort.