11118049_1626671660879772_8212587141994132707_nPremam is anew Malayalam movie directed by Alphonse Putran after his debut movie Neram which was a sensational hit at the box office.Premam has Nivin Pauly and A bunch of Young stars in the lead role.The movie is produced by Anwar Rasheed after Banglore days and it got released in theatres all over india today.The movie had much Hype created around audience as Neram was much praised by critics and got a thumps up from public especally Youngstars.Alphonse is teaming up with Nivin Pauly for the second time as Neram was a path breaker for the youngstar and laid foundation for his success in Malyalam film industry.

Premam is all about the life of the protagonist character George played by Nivin Pauly.The movie leads us through his life and love.Premam is set in 3 specific time periods were the protagonist character’s life’s important turnarounds occur.The movie has a bunch of débutantes in the acting department including the female leads and other important charcters.Alphonse has made a foundation of the movie with a simple plot which is quiet interesting and good to be watch on screen.Nivin’s charcter George appears on three different get ups as he grows from a chocalate guy to dashing rocking youth and then a man who lives settled life.The movie’s speciality is the performance of artist who acted in the movie.Almost all of them gave a splendid effort from their part making the movie engaging.

The first half of Premam looked great as george’s Teenage and his love affair with Mary was well visualised and treated.It looked cute and humour elements were just perfect.later on the final parts of where george’s college days were framed made the movie more engaging .The dont care approach of youth and rough and stylish looks of the actor Nivin was pleasent to watch.Shabarish Varama and Kichu(Neram Fame) did there roles perfectly as a second fiddle to Nivin’s character.

Premam has three female lead roles.Three of them were performed by newcomers who did there role tpoo perfection.Especially Sai Pallavi who played a Tamil Girl in flick named Malar did a commendable job.Premam is not a stereotypic movie by any means.The directors conveys lot of unique Visions through Premam.Anand.C.Chandran’s cinematography was great .Rajesh Murugesan and Shabirish Varma was good at the music department.But the applauses should given more to the director himself who has edited the film.The editing held the movie together at the times the movie found out to be clumsy.Surely his editing skills are remarkable and seek more attention.

Premam’s second Half had lot of clumsy Moments especially nearing to the climax.But somehow the Artist’s performance and Editing department made necessary adjustments to recover that.On the whole Premam is a movie which you will have a smile in your face when you walk out of theatre.


Verdict- Block Buster !!!Go and Watch it .Paisa Vasool.Thumps Up


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