Polytechnic Review


13-polytechnic-movie-reviewM Padmakumar directorial Polytechnic, with Kunchacko Boban and Bhavana in the lead is a watchable entertainer for family audience even though we have come across the same storyline many a times.


Story The story of Polytechnic revolves around Poly (Kunchacko Boban), who is an active communist, and involves in almost every functions and social activities happening in his village. Pauly is in deep love with his childhood friend Aswathy (Bhavana), a police officer. Sukumaran Nair (Vijayaraghavan) , who is the president of Panchayat and Aswathy’s father doesn’t like their love from the early times itself and he is the main oppose for Poly in the village.

Pauly’s life takes a turn when his father at Indian Army dies in a terrorist attack. Pauly’s family gets an amount as compensation and with this Pauly is forced by his family to start a business on his own. Pauly decides to take up the closed Dakshayani Biscuits factory, and run it as an agricultural factory. Rest of the movie discusses about the struggles Pauly does to run the factory and win his love, Aswathy fighting against Sukumaran Nair.

Performances Kunchacko Boban is the pick among actors. Though the role of Pauly didn’t leave him a scope to perform something different, he has done a pretty good job to portray the role of a common man and his struggles in life. Bhavana as Aswathy is charming and lovable.

Vijayaraghavan as Sukumaran Nair is good with his character. Aju Varghese as Backer, playing the close friend of Poly, entertains us with humour elements. Rest of the actors including  Niyas Backer, Suraj Venjaramood, Ambika, Kochupreman, Devi Chandana, Hareesh Peradi, Thesni Khan have done their characters well.

Technical Aspects Cinematography by Pramod has its charm with the rich frames of the village. Music by Gopi Sunder leaves no impact on the audience, be it the songs or the BGM. Polytechnic is the second script on screen by Nishad Koya. The script is not devoid of flaws. The characters of the movie resembles many of the other characters we have already come across in movies.

The script too has many cliche moments and lags at parts. But where the scriptwriter has won is the simplicity it carries through. There is no twists and turns, or punch dialogues. It just moves in a simple manner which can easily attract family audience. Humour elements in the script has worked out well.

Director, attempting a fun filled entertainer for the first time in his career has been quite successful with the attempt.

Verdict On the whole, Polytechnic is a watchable entertainer. Watch it with less seriousness and expectations.