Picket 43 Review

Picket-43-Prithviraj-posterPicket 43 is a new movie Directed by Major Ravi having Prthiviraj Sukumaran on the lead role.Major Ravi, whose movies are mainly based on a military background also treated the movie with the same ambience.The movie passes through the relationship between an indian and Pakistani Soldier on the border region of both countries.Javed Jafrey also plays and important role on the film.

Picket 43 is all about two soldiers who represent two different countries who are on the warfront facing each other.Major Ravi via Picket 43 gives us a good movie after the well poised movies Keerthichakra and Mission 90 Days.However the director had given a much emotional approach to the storyline than his early movies.

Story starts with Havildar Raveendran who is newly married gets a new posting on Picket 43 ,the Military cam near the border.He leaves his wife and joins the Army .The area is on a attack by Pakistan since many days.The movies’s remaining plot revolves around Havildar Raveendran nd picket 43.

PIcket 43’s first half revolves around flashback of the character Raveendran ,the protogonist.Some clumsiness will feel here and there in the first half due to the slow paced apparaoch .Moving on the second half ,the movie gains pace and ends in a good climax which makes the movie worth watching.Overall the movie can be termed as one with an average first half and decent second half.

Prithviraj was successful in portraying Havildar Raveendran’s emotions on turmoil.Javed Jaffrey was the power packed star in the movie.He was so brilliant with his acting.Moving on the Technical section frames provided by Jomom T John was simply magnificent.His cinematography gave a new face to the movie which quiet pleasant for our eyes.Major Ravi was ok in his direction department.

Picket 43 is a good movie with a superb climax.People of all genre can enjoy the movie.

Positives-Prithviraj,Javed Jeffrey,Cinematography

Neagtives- First Half

Verdict- Its a Good Movie

Rating 3/5


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