Pareeth Pandari review


pareeth pandari review

Our Malayalam film industry is blessed with a lot of actors who can amaze with their performances and we are witnessed that actors handling humor/comedy are turned into character actors and making astonished with their performance. Suraj Venjaramood, Salim Kumar is some of the names that can be mentioned in this section. Now we can add a yet another name to this series and the name is Kalabhavon Shajon. Pareeth Pandari is going to be a milestone in his carrier and now onwards he is going to be remembered by this role….

pareeth pandari

The film revolves around the life of a sixty year old man, Pareeth Pandari(Kalabhavon Shajon) who prepares Biriyani in his hometown. His wife Hauvva Beevi (Sajitha Madathil) is a home nurse, who takes care of newborns. Pareet Pandari is the cook for all the events in the village of Thangalppadi. His wife always accompanies him. With the arrival of magician Thangal Bappa, there happens a sudden drift in his smooth life and the rest of the film deals with that.

As I said in the beginning, from now onwards Kalabhavon Shajon is going to be remembered with the name Pareeth Pandari and it makes a after and before fractionate to his carrier. What to say, he amazingly turned to that role and played wonderfully that role and made it as a perfect cast one. Even though he had made a gap for doing his usual comedy roles recently, this one is amazingly brilliant from him.

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Sajitha Madathil had also made a memorable performance and she is again and again proving that she is capable for doing any role here. Ansiba Hassan, Resmi Satheesh, and Kabani are portraying the roles of daughters of Pareeth Pandary and Hauvva Beevi, they are also done a neat performance. Joy Mathew, Tini Tom, Jaffer Idukki, Sunil Sugatha, Sathar, Anil Murali, Sreeni Njarackal, Sathar, Sudarshan Alappuzha, Priyanka, Santhakumari, Deepika, Junaida, Roshni, and Pauly also include the cast and they all are sincere to their respective roles.

In the making department, Scripting is the best part and there Gafoor Elliyas, the director itself done his maximum in it and added almost all thing in the exact same meter and nothing in there that feels like bulging, definitely writing is the best part of the movie, flawless scripting. As a director also Gafoor Elliyas doesn’t want to tangled things more and he chose the usual narration pattern as seen in movies like in the same genre, not telling this as a fault but the usualness is there.

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Technically, Cinematography by Faizal V Khalid is brilliant enough to enhance the emotion of film to the audience and he wonderfully packed the visuals and get deeper to the emotions of the film. Editing is done by Ratheesh Mohan and not any single seen here in the films feel like dilate, fine cuts from him. Music is by James Vasanthan, no more flaws from him and the tracks and BGM has the feel in it.

Overall, Pareeth Pandari is a delight one from Gafoor Elliyas marking the astounding performance from Kalabhavon Shajon and here we can see a fully grown up actor in Kalabahavon Shajon, a great applause for him. Never forget the director Gafoor Elliyas for giving a nice film and using the actor in Kalabahavon Shajon at the extreme, for that he also needed a big applause. Must watch this on nearby theatres…

Rating -3.5/5