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Parankimala, a drama Malayalam movie is the remake of Bharathan’s hit movie “Parankimala”. Parankimala film is an adaptation of novel by famous writer Kakkanadan, which is directed by debutante Sennan Pallassery, the youngest of the Pallassery brothers and produced by Vijin and Thomas Kokkat under the banner of V.S. International Films

The film deosnot kept its classic and astectic value which was there in the earlier version directed by Bharathan which was relaesed in 1980’s.The movie differs from the old classic via its nonlinear approch in story telling,but to make things even worse that doesn’t work out and no one could even understand wha was going there on the screen.The actors Vinutha and Beyons did a good job but the leakages in the screenplay proved out to be very vulnarable.Vinutha’s body and her beauty was the only thing that kept the audience to a certain level of fullfillment.The other actors including lead actors like kalabhavan Mani had no point in doing there job .
The plot of remSpicy and attractive look of lead actress in lungi and blouse like dress was the only thing to watch the movie for the 2 hours time and up to certain limit that was a sucess from the maker’s side . The music director is Afsal who composed the music for Parankimala.The Two songs and visuals wer good.Camera by R.Maniprasad was above average .

Rating -2/5

Negatives-I dont want that to be list out here since it may consist about 3 or more  paragraphs

Postives-Vinutha Lal ,Vinutha Lal,Vinutha Lal(Thats All)

Nb-For the fact of spicy elements in the film it may increase to 3

Verdict-Watch Parankimala if only you want to see the spicy output and Hot Vinutha Lal

Nb-Never go to theatres to watch Parankimala with family

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