papaPapanasham is a new movie directed by Jeethu Joseph having Universal star Kamal hassan in the lead role.The movie was on the hype since the making date not only because its a Kamal movie but also the remake of Drishyam made in Malayalam starring Mohanlal.Malayalam Drishyam was also directed by Jeethu Joseph.When Kamal Hassan showed intentions of remaking the film the obvious choice was Jeethu as a director.Drishyam was remade into almost 4 Languages including Hindi and Telugu.As the Tamil version is released the number of remade Drishyam film became 3.Now the Bollywood Remake of Drishyam starring Ajay Devagan and Shreya Sharan is a movie yet to release.

Malayalam Drishyam was a financial sucess and the movie earned almost 50 Crores on its own stands making a statement of the highest grossed movie in Malayalam film industry.The movie was on its pioneer Hype as Ulaganayakan entered in the protagonist role in movie.Kamala Hasan better known for his acting skill and rated as one of the all time best.Have he Succeeded in that .Lets Find Out.Ppanasham has Kamal Hassan in the lead role and his wife Gouthami in the female lead roles.Esther Anil and Nivedha Thomas ,Asha Sarath and Kalabhavan Mani plays the other important roles in the movie.

SambhuLingam and his family lives a happy life ,he runs a local business for his family’s daily needs.The movie’s turns around when a incident in a midnight takes to happen in their life.Sambulingam who lives a happy life became to sort out a bag of lies to counter that incident.The incident was that his wife accidentaly kills a guy who is the son Inspector General of Police.The movie’s rest part deals with how Sambhulingam counters the incident and saves his family.

The movie is same as that of Drishyam ,Director had remade the film without loosing any base Content of the movie.The onlky changes in the movie are of the Technical elements were Papanasham has little more superiority in technical section than that of Drishyam.Mohanlal’s performance on drishyam was natural and fluent ,Kamal on Papanasham give little bit of emotional flavour the character.But after watching the movie ,we can’t compare the acting skills of these two legends since two of them was superb on the screen.

Kalabhavan Mani roked on the role which was performed by Kalabhavan Shajon in Drishyam,Asha Sarth gave a much settled and improved performance in Papnasham than Drishyam.Sujith Vasudev’s cinematography was brilliant .Jaya Mohan’s dialogues was good.On the whole the movie is well posed one for Tamil audience.Hatsoff for Jeethu pulling out another rabbit from the hat.

Rating -4/5