ORU MUTHASSI GADHA After the most celebrated Om Shanthi Oshana Jude Anthony Joseph is back with his second venture Oru Muthassi Gadha, I can’t say Om Shanthi Oshana made a better watch for me and it was something like selling nostalgia, but coming to Oru Mutassi Gadha Jude is trying to convey something to audience which is now very relevant in our society and almost he succeeded in his way making it a simple one and doesn’t feels like a moral by telling. Nowadays, the Malayalam film is more obsessed with making films without considering family and elderly generations and through this film Jude tried to say the emotions handled by the elderly generations in a family and their dreams, for that thought definitely Jude Anthony Joseph needs a great applause.


Oru Muthassi Gadha is a lightly placed movie and definitely it forwards something to think and to act. On screen, Leelamma is portrayed by Rajni Chandi and she did it well, by seeing trailer I expected a overact from her but after seeing the film that thought was get rid off and she was better with that role and did perfectly even though a slight problems in the beginning. Bhagyalakshmi as Susamma was really good in that role and the combination scenes of Susanna and Leelamma was more engaging. Suraj as Sibichan had done again a better performance and he again manages well in this type o serious roles and happy to see the directors are being ready to use the talent in him more than a comedy actor. Lena had made her role to perfection. Aparna Balmurali, not to do more for her and okay with her role. Vineeth Sreenivasan made a memorable performance as Sakkariya. Rest of the cast includes Vijayaraghavan, Ramesh Pisharody, Rajeev Pilla all are sincere to their roles, Making wise, Jude Anthony Joseph manages to make this film in a simple manner with considering emotions and few humors and he also succeeded in conveying a simple message in it. On screenplay he included almost all type of elements to make engaging to film rather than penetrating a message to the audience. As a writer and director, considering the subject he handled he had done it without much flaws. Technically, Viond Illampally cinematography was good and in a steady manner, especially in visualizing the seventies. Songs anD BGM by Shan Rahman was blend with the movie and the flashback song as really good to hear. Fine cuts from Lijo Paul. Overall, Oru Muthassi Gadha is a simple and pleasant watch for this festive season and it doesn’t spoil your time and money. Once again, a clap For Jude Anthony Joseph remembering the elderly generations and making a film like this which is more from your Om Shanthi Oshana Comfort zone. Verdict: GOOD

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