Oru Mexican Aparatha Review


Finally, the most anticipated movie in the carrier of emerging Youth Star Tovino Thomas, Oru Mexican Aparatha hits the screen today. Oru Mexican Aparatha revealed almost its actual genre through its trailers and for most of audience is expecting a fun filled political film from Tovino Thomas and the rush in the theatres show that how much hype is created among the youth. The only question remains with Oru Mexican Aparatha is that it is capable to fulfill the expectation of audience, so now the time for a detailing of cinema and let’s have a look in to it.


Oru Mexican Aparatha is a film set in a college campus narrates how the students established the political parties in the campus and the influence among students. Here the political parties mentioned are SFY and KSQ. This is not a campus story, dealing politics in a serious way. The film has a good element of humor. Oru Mexican Aparatha had its elements of Politics as well as Humor mixed in the correct proportion. Oru Mexican Aparatha follows the similar pattern of narration followed in early movies comes in the genre. The director put the narration of movie to such an established college famous for it’s Political strength was the biggest positive of this movie because there feels nostalgia even for a small amount of audience, So by looking in all manners Oru Mexican Aparatha had its flesh in it to engage you to cinema.


Coming to the performance side, Tovino Thomas made a matured performance as usual. He nailed his performance in both two appearances of that character and thereby he is going to win the heart of audience again and Oru Mexican Aparatha is going to a crucial film in his carrier on proving his stardom. Gayathri Suresh in the female lead role and not any noticeable change to her character, since her debut film she is only in the film to Showcase and here also not any change to that. Neeraj Madhav as Subash yet another good role from him and here he got a slight different role from earlier films, here his character is being a little rough and at the same time humorous and he handled that in a decent way. Rest of the characters includes Roopesh Peethambaran as Roopesh, Sunil Sukhada, Sudhy Koppa, Kalabahavon Shajon, Jino John, Anjali P Nair and Megha Mathew. Among this Roopesh Peethamabaran Performance is wanted to be mentioned, he is proving that he has able to make a decent act along with direction.


Making wise, as a debutant Tom Ematty’s effort is really appreciable and his narration pattern and the way he puts the story is the biggest sense of this film even though it had similar to the earlier movies. As a director he puts all the ingredients for making this as complete entertainer and he get sincere to the genre of the film. Scripting is also done by him and done it almost without any flaws. Technically, Prakash Velayudhan handled the visuals well, for a film like this it is special to add more colors visually and his cinematography handled that well and suits to the Cinema. Editing is by Shameer Ahammed, always he makes editing to perfection here also he had done sharply. Music is by Manikandan Ayyappan, good and vibrant tracks from him and Blended BGM.


Overall, Oru Mexican Aparatha is a pleasing one from Debutante Tom Emmatty and it had all the proper components to make you laugh, thrill, romance and to even a little much nostalgic. If you’re a one who played politics in the campus and experienced the little fun and struggles there Oru Mexican Aparatha is going to a delight and nostalgic watch. Watch it on the nearby theaters.