Ormayundo Ee Mugham Review



Ormayundo Ee Mugham is a 2014 comedy romantic film directed by debutante Anvar Sadik.The film is produced by Jaison Elamkulam under Rj Creations.Vineeth Sreenivasan and Namitha Pramod in lead roles.The story revolves around the young businessman Goutham and a happy girl Nithya.Vineeth Sreenivasan as Goutham and Namitha Pramod as Nithya.

Goutham an young businessman who lives with his grandmother and mother.Goutham who works for his family bussinees and his mother Vasudra Devi head of business.Goutham and his grandmother is very friendly but his mother is a strict mother.Goutham and Nithya meets and some incidents in their life make them fall into Love.Nithya is a Sand animator.The story tells about the obstacles in Goutham’s and Nithya’s life.

On performance side Vineeth Sreenivasan as Goutham do a good Job.Vineeth is suite for the young less soften guy Goutham.Vineeth shines in the role of Goutham.Namitha Pramod as Nithya looks gorgeous and do a good performance.Aju Varghese as Apoorva has a powerful and energetic performance.Casting is perfect,rest of cast are also fine.

On directional side Anvar Sadhik a debutante director who works a lot for making a good script and by his narrative style, the movie gets a colorful theme.The technical aspects of Ormayundo Ee Mugam is also a good.Cinematography by Jithu Damodar makes a good atmosphere to the movie.The frames are good and perfect.Editing is Fine.Music By Shaan Rahman is good and background scores are very interesting and perfect one.

On whole Ormayundo Ee Mugham is a good entertainer and a pleasant love story for all!!!