Finally, after a lot of postponement Ore Mukham hits the screen today. Ore Mukham revealed almost its actual genre through its trailers and for most of audience it was a sudden suspense that Ore Mukham had the elements of a thriller, so most of them have expanded their anticipation to a little larger and audience began to compare it with movies like Classmates and Seniors which are released early in the same genre Campus Thriller. So now the time for a detail of cinema and let’s have a look on to it.
Ore mugham trailer
Ore Mukham takes us back to the 80’s and narrates the story through five friends Zacharia Pothen, Dass, Aravindhan, Prakshan, and Devan, their friendship, romance, and silly mischief. The story is narrated through two stages of life, the first of which is a campus story of the 1980s and second remains suspense. The film is a thriller with a good amount of romance and humor. Ore Mukham had its elements of Thriller and also had the mix of the correct proportion of Humor and Romance. Ore Mukham follows the similar pattern of narration followed in early said movies like Classmates and Seniors and that type of narration is going to be the biggest success factor of Ore Mukham. The director put the narration of movies to 80’s campus and that was also a biggest positive of this movie because there feels nostalgia even for a small amount of audience, So by looking in all manners Ore Mukham had its flesh in it to engage you to cinema.
Coming to the performance side, Dhyan Sreenivasan improved a lot and here we can see a matured performance from him rather than the attire of a halfwit one. He nailed his performance and in Ore Mukham his performance as Zachariya Thomas proved that he had come out of his Pupa stage and can fly as the freedom of an actor. Prayaga martin in the female lead role and not any noticeable change to her character, since her debut film she is only in the film to Showcase and here to not any change to that.
Aju Vargheese as Das yet another good role from him and as usual his comedy timings excels and a neat performance from him. Rest of the Zacharias Pothan’s gang includes Deepak Parambol as Prakashan and Arjun Nadhakumar as Aravindan. Both of them had done a neat performance and okay with their roles. Gayathri Suresh is also doing a pivotal role and she maintained her easiness in performance just like her debut movie Jamnapyari.
Chemaban Vinod and Renji panicker is also there along with the youngsters and their characters is something crucial in Ore Mukaham so no more words and in performance as always they delivers theuir best to roles here also that can spotted. Jewel Mary as Amala, Abirami as Prof. Latha, Juby Ninan and Sneha are the rest of the characters and all of them put their best to their performances.
Making wise, as a debutant Sajith Jaganathan effort is really appreciable and his narration pattern and the way he puts the story is the biggest sense of this film even though it had similar to the earlier movies. As a director he puts all the ingredients for making this as complete entertainer rather than a thriller and at the same time he get sincere to the genre of the film. Scripting is done by Deepu S Nair and Sandeep Sadanandan and they had done it almost without any flaws.
Technically, Satheesh Kurppu handled the visuals well, for a film like this it is special to add more colors visually and his cinematography handled that well and suits to the Cinema. Editing is by experienced Ranjan Abraham, always he makes editing to perfection here also he had done sharply. Music is by Bijibal, good tracks from him and Blended BGM.
Overall, Ore Mukham is a pleasing one from Debutant Sajith Jaganathan and it had all the proper components to make you laugh, thrill romance and to even a little much nostalgic. Watch it on the nearby theatres and assure that Ore Mukham never spoils your time and money…

Rating -3/5

Verdict- A decent thriller movie with neat performances from actors especially dhyan