Om Shanthi Oshana review

om shanthiDebutant director Jude Anthony Joseph’s Om Shanthi Oshana,, is a pure love story  told from the girl’s perspective
Pooja Mathew (Nazriya Nazim), daughter of Mathew Davis and Annie, is a naughty school girl. She has her best friends at her school Neethu and Dona .

Pooja meets Giri (Nivin Pauly), a graduate, who is into farming and social activities at her village. Pooja falls in love with Giri and believes him to be the man for her life.On Giri’s birthday, Pooja tries to confess her love for him, but Giri turns it down telling her to be a small girl and advice her to concentrate on her studies. Later, after her successful completion of school studies and entrance test, Pooja gets admission in Calicut Medical College. She reaches Giri’s home to bid bye, but comes to know from Giri’s mother Sumitra, that Giri is on a visit to the Shaolin Temple at China for his Kung fu studies.
Will pooja will be able to suceed in her love ?.Will Giri saw her again.?…Rest of the story gives an answer to that.
Castings were good and the main leads prove to be worthy where they enacted there roles beautifully.beautifully. Aju vargese did a good job as a supporting actor.The movie also had cameo of Vineeth sreenivasan in it.
Songs and BGM were good and well placed. The Making gives a freshness and the movie provides a wholesome entertainment
On the whole director Jude and script writer had given audience enough for one time watch.