Njan Steve Lopez


Njan Steve Lope has been made with no commercial considerations in mind and does not cater to any specific section of the audience.It is directed by noted cinematographer Rajeev Ravi, whose vision about the life of his characters is of paramount importance.The film revolves around Steve (Farhaan Faasil), a youngster whose life is all about his friends, booze, WhatsApp, the girl in his neighbourhood and college. He has been brought up in a well to do home, his father being a high-ranking police officer.Everything seems to be going well for him until the day he witnesses an incident that changes the course of his life.


The overpowering, venerable kind of innocence is abandoned for eternity. Lopez, the college student and son of a police officer is innocent in his own way. His innocence is expressed as his ‘indulgence’ in the bathroom while ogling at a woman, the charming wife of his neighbour. Later he would meet her outside and smile at her ‘innocently’. There is a girl who raises his pulse to breaking point; but whenever he would meet her he would not open up, but would just smile innocently.

Story Steve lopez ( Farhan) is the son of DYSP George Lopez (Alancier). He is a 19 year old guy and leads a normal life. His love interest is Anjali (Ahaana), the daughter of a Circle Inspector. But an incident he witnesses, completely changes his life and lands him in big trouble. The rest of the plot develops on Steve’s struggles to come out of the trouble.Also, there is a great deal of realism that moulds such expressions of innocence. Although it ventures into the quite familiar realm of common man caught in uncommon, intimidating sudden circumstances, the sheer solidity of script holds everything together. The slang is not overused, rather it has an air of belonging, something that comes straight out of a household in Thiruvananthapuram. Rajeev Ravi, ably assisted by Geethu Mohandas and Santosh Echikanam in his script, adeptly deploys his set of actors to put together a tale that jolts, surprises and stirs the deepest chords.The youth in this film doesn’t wage a glorious war against the goons. He rather lets himself be taken along with them. There is no profound war for justice involved, but a simple, plain expression of a young man’s quest for honesty. Sketches of violence come out in sharp, sudden strokes, stunningly portrayed in the tungsten tonality. The effect is as disturbing for the main character as it is for the viewers.
Farhaan is comfortable as Steve Lopez. He is confident that being the son of an influential father means no harm can come to him, but this same fact makes him feel guilty and angry in the later stages.Ahaana makes a desperate attempt to be something more than a pretty face, and she succeeds to a certain extent. But her character does not have the layering that Farhaan’s character has.

Njan Steve Lopez is a bold personal film by Rajeev Ravi and crew

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