Laljose is a director who never failed in filming when he come out from his basic agenda and that was the reason for me to take Neena on the first day itself,but this time his non typical attempt ends on an average volume.The film Neena focus the life of ‘Neena’ an independent,bold and alchoholic girl who works in an advertising agency lead by Vinay Panicker,what happends when Vinay intrude in her life is the rest.The main problem when deals with a heroine centric movie is that anytime it can be gripped out to unnecessary dramaticness and that was happened also in the case of Neena.

On coming to the screen,Deepthi Sati portrays the role of Neena and she did it well and doesn’t give a feel of debuntate,her expressions added more cuteness to the character and seems vibrant.Vijay Babu was better in his role and can be said to be his carrier best.Ann Augustine as Nalini feels something like imitating and that role doesn’t suits for her.Vinu Mohan is here in after a long gap seems cool in his new avatar.Lena was there in usual supporting role and feels consistency in her performance.All other characters shares screen for a little time and all are good in their respective roles.

Through Neena Laljose really wants to be try something differ but a lame and shady scripting spoiled the effrot .Laljose unwavering directorial style is there but it’s not supported by a tight script,that makes Neena as an average experience.Scripting by R Venugopal lacks the feel and slips from his hand when the movie reaches to it’s second half,there are a lot of dramatic and unwanted scenes in there which makes audience dull and disengaging from the movie.

Technically,Neena  as usual Jomon t John’s cinematography was superb and each frame has it’s captivating feel in it.Editing by Ranjan Abraham doesn’t sounds well because some unwanted scenes retains in the second half  of Neena and that makes the movie tedious.Bijibal’s BGM was good and blends with the situations.Songs are composed by new comer Nikhil J Menon and he nicely done it.

Overall,Neena fails to meet the expectations and for me it’s just an average one,so getting a sum total my rating for Laljose Neena is 2.5/5.

Rating: 2.5/5

Nadirsha K

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