Marupadi Review


MARUPADI  REVIEWmarupadiV M Vinu is a director who made impressed the Malayalam audience with his various film like Baleettan, Vesham… and now he comes up with his new movie Marupadi starred by Rahman and Bhama in lead roles. Marupadi narrates the story of a family which is continuously hounded by law and power. The movie is based on a real life incident which took place in North India. V M Vinu’s experience  in making Family movies reflecting in this film and that experience made this film a decent watch in theaters and Marupadi is a movie that occupies a space for a socially committed movie. V M Vinu nailed him as a director through Marupadi after a series of flops and her comes the perfect movie from the director.

The movie revolves around the family of Aby (Rahman), his wife Sara (Bhama), and their daughter Riya (Baby Nayantara). Aby is a bank employee. Sara is brought up in an orphanage and she feels so lucky to be the wife of Aby. Theirs is a love marriage. When Aby gets a transfer to Kolkata, the family shifts to Kolkata where they have to suffer certain unexpected tragedies. How they face and overcome these adverse situations form the crux of the story. On Screen, as usual Rahman excels in the role of a Father and a Husband, Marupadi seems a perfect comeback of Rahman and he maintained his perfection in performance of those emotional scenes, totally Rahman portrayed Aby nearer to perfection. Bhama as Sara delivers a neat performance and she is the one actress who is improving her performance to best after each film and even also she keeps some much exaggeration to that role, even though that was not a biggest negative factor. The movie also features Janardhanan, Devan, Surabhi, Sudheep Chatterji, Shiju Nair, Valsala Menon, and Santhosh Keezhattoor. They all are good in their appropriate roles and personally it is a great pleasure to see Janardhanan in a better character after a long interval of time and he made good with his performance. Rests of the characters are there in screen for a short time and keeps safe with their performances.marupadi-malayalam-movie-10

Making wise as I Said earlier, V M Vinu gathers his old craft in making his favorite genre that is family Movies and here in Marupadi also the same cogitation in the content. The story and script are written by Julaina Ashraf, Screenplay also filled with the proper mix of emotions and drama. The main thing that to be specially noted from this section is the makers are set this film free from keeping much Melodrama and that’s keep the film in safe zone. Technically, Cinematography is handled by Venugopal and he had done it with almost perfection and steady visuals from him. Editing is done by K R Midhun and there are fine cuts from him. Music is composed by M Jayachandran and the songs are Okay along with blended BGM by Gopi Sundar. Rest from this section was okay in their appropriate departments.


Overall, Marupadi is a promising film that too shows the comeback of director V M Vinu and the actor Rahman. There are some special performance are waiting for you and never miss this film on theater. There is no point in feeling missed this film in theater after the torrent release and no gains to the film if this end as a torrent Hit, So if you want to watch good movies like Marupadi definitely watch it on theatres and as an audient I thumbs up for this film….