Mariyam Mukku Review

maxresdefault (6)Mariyam Mukku is a new movie directed by James Albert.Fahad Fasil,Manoj K Jayan,Irshad Plyas the main lead roles in the movie.MariyamMukku is produced under the banner of Sam Big Movies and released by Lal Jose’s LJ films.James Albert was the scrpt writer of hit films such as classmates,Venicile Vyapari,Ividam Swargamanu which were commercially successful at the box office.Mariayam Mukku was his first directorial venture.Sana Althaf who acted as Dulquer salman’s sister in the movie Vikramadityan acted as the female laed in Mariyam Mukku.

The story of Mariyam Mukku unfold in a background of a coastal region.The characters who are in and around the story basically depends on Fahad enacts a character called as Felix.Felix’s parents dies at his young years and ever since he is an orphan.Manoj K Jayan act as a character named Aashan in the movie.Ashan Rules the coastal region with his Muscle power and with the support of his team members.

Majority of the residents are christains .Aashan and his team are completely against the religious beliefs .There is a Shrine near the coast which was completely neglected by people due to the miseries applied by Ashaan.Suddenly the Shrine came into limelight as many unbelievable activities appears across from it.Maraiyam Mukku’s later parts take off from there.

The screenplay and direction of the movie led the movie down.While on the other hand Cinematography was simply excellent from Gireesh Gandar.The frames were virtually extra ordinary.But the direction was little bit odd as most scenes lost continuity.The Wafer thin one line was also one of the negative points.However we can overcome all these negatives with Fahad’s acting and emotions.He did the best to enact Felix.Sana Althaf who played the female charcter in movie too did a fare enough job.

Mariyam Mukku had good songs and Background music provided by Vidyasagar.The loosly packed screenplay showed its vulgarity here and there.

Positives-Fahad,Rest of the star cast


Verdict-Go for it if you want to see a good performance from Fahad

Rating -2.5/5


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