mannar mathai speaking 2 Review

Mannar Mathayi Rating:

Mamas directorial Mannar Mathai Speaking 2, the sequel of highly acclaimed Ramji Rao Speaking and Mannar Mathai Speaking, speaks some sort of the blended storyline of its prequels. The movie entertains to a decent level, still lacks that punch the prequels carried through.


Story The central characters being Mannar Mathai (Innocent), Gopalakrishnan (Mukesh) and Balakrishnan (Sai Kumar), the three are now running Urvashi Tours and Travels, done with the drama troupe and problems occurred. Mannar Mathai still has the passion towards drama and he hopes to do a play on their 25th anniversary of the troupe. Gopalakrishnan and Balakrishnan on the other extreme crtici

One day when they require a driver, who is fluent in English languages for their foreign clients, Mathai gives a wanted ad in newspaper asking for a driver and a female lead for their latest drama. Unni (Basil) comes to their life as the driver and Nithya (Aparna Gopinath) as the artist. Things go all well till they confronts Mahendra Varma (Biju Menon), their old rival whom they had thought to be dead.What follows is a laughter sprinkled journey of how MA Go BA’s life gets to worse situations with the entry of some more characters which holds the thrilling elements of the movie.PerformancesInnocent as Mannar Mathai and Mukesh as Gopalakrishnan have tried their best to reach the energy level maintained by the characters in the prequels and have near succeeded in the same. Sai Kumar as Balakrishnan feels a bit tired in his role and has less to perform. Aparna Gopinath as Nithya is not much impressive in her character as the character provides less space for her to shine through.Biju Menon as Mahendra Varma has done a wonderful job and can be termed as the saving grace of the movie. Shammi Thilakan as Koshi, Vijeesh as Manjulan scores well with their comedy numbers. Other characters including Vijayaraghavan (RamjiRao), Janardhanan (Garvasees Ashan), Indrans (Ponnappan), Kalabhavan Shajon (SI Babumon) and Basil (Unni) have done justice to their roles



On the whole, Mannar Mathai Speaking 2 deserves an average rating for the effort the director did to make a sequel without doing much harm to the well remembered characters, even though the movie lacks the charm of its prequels.


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