Madura Naranga


Madura Naranga Review



Madura Naranga is a new movie directed by Sugeeth .The flick was released today on the theatres all over Kerala. The movie has stare shinning s of KunjackBoban and BijuMenon on the the lead roles , the movie has a good initial type before the release on the movie was the reunion of ” Ordinary was released in 2012′. it was Sugeeth’s Debut movie ,Noushad koya wrote the screenplay of the same. the movie earned good reviews a blockbuster in the box office . the hit due of Kunjacko Boban and Biju Menon got clicked from that movie onwards .after ordinary , many films were released with star cast of Kunjacko Boban and Biju Menon but none of them went of to be a great success in box office.

Moving on to Madura Naranga ,the movie is  scripted by Noushad Koya and also has a key element in the movie as female lead. It’s Parvathy Ratheesh, revolves around  lives of four characters Jeevan , Salim , Kumar and Thamara. Jeevan is played by kunjacko Boban ,salim is played by Biju menon, Neeraj as kumar and Parvathy plays Thamara. the movie is set in gulf countries and Srilanka. Thamara is a Srilankan girl. Jeevan falls in love with Thamara .The movie is all about the story of the Jeevan and Thamara. the crux revolves around Thamara and her life incidents.

The star combo of the Kunjcko boban -Biju Menon – Neeraj has worked to great extent in the films .As in a all Biju -Chackochan films , Biju Menon scores in this movie too. the films has many humorous moments  in it . The main negative of the film is the length and in between lags are there but the main lead ‘s performance is good enough to counter that at most times . Cinematography is good .  Sugeeth’s direction is excellent with great visuals music from Sachin  Sreejith is average .

Verdict-Good Family Entertainer