Love 24*7




Love 24*7 is a new movie directed by debutant Sreebala K Menon.Its an era where Women directors get emaerged to Film Industry and makes good Films .We know the examples of Farah Khan and Anjali Menon.Sreebala Menon was a long time associate of Sathyan Anthikadu.Love 24 *7 Features Janapriya Nayakan Dileep in the lead role.The movie is also produced by the actor himself.The movie is a romantic flick all set in the backdrop of visual media.Did the mvie delivered what was promised well let find out that.

Roopesh Nambiar ,the character played by Dileep is one of the star presenter/anchor in the popular Malayalam Television channel Nalamidam.His programmes and shows are much popular so that he is extremely popular inside and outside the channel.Kabani played by debutant Nikhila Vimal is a journalist Trainee who works under Roopesh Nambiar.Roopesh Falls in love with Kabani being attarcted by her looks and her charcter.The movie’s main part deals with their relationship and how they carry thier love in the busy world of visual media communication.Another Subplot of the movie happens in between Dr Sarayu played By Suhasini and Dr Satheesh played by Sashi kumar who were in love at a time and broken their relationships due to many ego problems.They are now living apart.The movie Love 24*7 deals with the love story of these two presented in a non parallel plot.


The movie starts and moves in a slow pace.Its somewhat similar feel what we observe in Sathyan Anthikad and a Shyamaprasad movie clubbed toghther.The screenplay lacks proper grip to make the audience interested in it by a large extent,but the movie in parts looks extremly good especially dialogue wise,but dialogues deosn’t makes a movie good enough in all ways.The clumsyness in the screenplay is the basic fault and as a debutant Sreebala was good as a director.The second love story between Saryu and Satheesh also made some question marks in overall viewing aspect of the movie.Dileep as usual was good in his role.Newcomer Nikhila Vimal too was good in her role.There is nothing interesting as far as the story is concerned.The matter which they tried to convey hasn’t reached to the audience in the presentation


Verdict-May be one time watchable

Rating -2.5/5