LOHAM Review

Ranjith back in action,not in his unique style but in a different format that’s Loham.I can’t say Loham is like Ranjith’s roaring previous hits but it has the flesh in it for a one time watch if your expectation level is less.This time also Ranjith came with a social issue gold smuggling but he take a path of much more action to detailing it rather than his metaphor style.The intention of Ranjith to showcase a social issue is appreciable but the content in it is in a predictable manner and somewhere something is missing and that makes Loham as an average product.Loham comes under the genre something like mass masala thriller but the extremity to keep audience gripped is missing and unfortunately Loham just keeps it’s safe zone.

On screen,Mohanlal is there in his vibrant form and his screen presence is tremendous one and at the mean time the movie doesn’t provides so much space for showing him in a mass avatar.Loham had a enormous star cast including Aju,Soubin,Joju,Suresh Krishna,Ranji Panicker,Abu salim,KPAC Lalitha etc…but all are their for a less time and I don’t understand the relevance of too much characters.Among the rest Siddique was one who made me laugh and keeps engaged throughout the movie.

On making Ranjith is in a different approach and doesn’t feels it like a Ranjith’s one and I doubt that is I’m watching a Joshy’s movie,but in script and dialogues it was bulging what made me say like that he is not ready to give up his usual figure of speech eventhough it’s an entirely different one.The film has a good start and an thrilling interval punch but when it comes to the second half it made a cold feel and becomes formulaic and this lack of freshness made Loham as a less energetic one.
Technically,there is not so much to discuss Cinematography was just an okay level.Editing was promising.BGM was appealing,but in some portions it’s made me annoying.Music was good.

Overall,Loham is there for a onetime watch if you are go with low expectations and I assure that it doesn’t test the patience level.So it’s time for a sum up and i’m going with a rating of 2.75/5 for this Ranjith product.

My rating:3/5