Kohinoor movie


Kohinoor is heist Malayalam movie directed by Vinay Govind having Asif Ali and Aju Varghese in lead roles.The movie was released in theatres all over kerala from last friday .Vinay debuted Mollywood industry via Kilipoy which featured the same team Aju Varghese and Asif Ali which was an average movie but got a steady collection in box office with more youth watching it.In his second outing he tries to show the 80’s story without gimmicks based on a heist style of narration.The movie being the first production venture of Asif Ali in the banner of Adam’s world ,co produced by Sajjan Jaffer.Lets move on to detailed review of Kohinoor.

The Trailor and Teasers of Kohinoor created much hype among the audience about the movie which evolved in a much better initials collection unlike former Asif Ali movies.Kohinoor is a good movie without a exiting tale end twist and unpredictable elements which make audience to leave the screen with a whistle.However Vinay was successfull in giving a movie which will make you entertain in the thetres.The Tailpoint is that its not up to the mark for the vibes created via pre realse.The movie is set in the final stages of 80’s ,where two young men Louis and Aandykunju played by Asif Ali and Aju tries to ran around for the daily jobs.

Louis is an young fellow who wants to be rich via any hard way.Louis is intrested in smuggling which he thinks off can make his life prosper.He has a freind named Aandikunju who was with him since his childhood.One day Chandikunju gets an offer to be a part of a robbery which is  going to take place on one of a textile shop.Aandykunju also make louis a part of the plan.The rest of the movie deals with the Robbery and their life after that.

The screenwriters took a wise decision via taking the backdrop of 80’s in order to reduce the loopholes in the story which may throw a question to viewers.However the first half of movie was little bit clumsy ,the story was wandering for a take-off which make viewers bored somewhat.From the second half onwards the movie gets a take-off and becomes interesting from there onwards.Especially last 45 minutes has a series of incidents leading to robbery and many humour elements relating the same.The Romantic part and the heroine Aparana itself failed to evoke interest on viewers.

Moving on to the technical aspects the movie was ok ,Vinay tried his best to visualize the script .Music from Rahul Raj was interesting.Cinematography was also good which made the backdrops of 80’s, a real effect.




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