Kodi Review


 Dhanush Starred Kodi hit the big screens today and this day is going to be a big clash between the youngsters of Tamil cinema; Dhanush and Karthi, Karthi’s Kashmora also releases today, let’s see what about Dhanush Kodi is? Kodi from the director RS Durai Senthil Kumar comes under the genre of Tamil Political Thriller in which Dhanush is appearing in Dual roles. The story revolves around the life of Kodi. A young Politician and Anbu an upright young man. Kodi’s main attraction belongs to the simple and neat screenplay and unique performance from Dhanush.


On screen, Dhanush is appearing in double roles and both the characters are executed well by Dhanush. On performance wise he is shouldering the film and there the film Kodi excels. Simply Superb performances from him and this Is being the reply of his earliest film Thodari, which is fallen in the Box Office. Next one who needs a special appreciation is Trisha portrays as Rudra, as an ambitious politician, she managed well in that role executed near to perfection. Premam fame Anupama Parameswaran is doing a role in Kodi as Malthy, I can’t say she is better with her role, she needs a lot of improvement in her Acting and she looks little much exaggerate in her role. Rest of the star cast includes SA Chandrasekhar, Saranya Ponvannan, Kali Vengat, Singamuthu, Namo Narayana, G Marimuthu and Karunas, all of them are sincere to their roles and done a neat job appropriate role. Saranya Ponvannan as Kodi’s and Anbu mother done again a neat performance and she is now best with her Sweet Mother roles. Making wise, as a writer R S Durai Senthil Kumar excels in Scripting of Kodi, as I said earlier simple and neat screenplay from him is the biggest positive factor in Kodi, but as a Director he wants improve more and want to avoid usual cliché since, somewhere it is being upright in the film and that makes less attractive or engaging to the film. No more flaws from him and by total he made a perfect entertainer one for this festive season.


Technically, the film features Cinematography by Venkatesh S and he had done it more briskly and he executed the frames bitterly. Editing is done by Praksh Mabbu and he done it nicely and there are fine cuts from him. Music is By Santhosh Narayanan and there are some melodious tracks in the film and those seems impressive from him along with the blended BGM from him. There is not any special words from this section and technically not much flaws. Overall, Kodi is a satisfactory film from the actor Dhanush and his steady and magnificient performance makes Kodi a one time watchable one and attains an above average zone. You can definitely book tickets for Kodi if you are not expecting a high film from Dhanush. Last word for R S Durai Senthil Kumar’s Kodi is Simple and a neat entertainer which have shades of earliest one in this genre…..


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