Kl 10 Pathu

KL 10

KL 10 Pathu is a new movie directed by Muhsin Perari having UnniMukundan in the lead role.The movie has a good initial hype as the teasers and trailers of the movie even months before release got got views and thumps up from the audience.This movie with a relatively new crew and star cast was distributed by director Lal Jose’s L.J Films .That too was another reason for the initial hype of the movie.However the movie has to deliver its best to full fill the audience even though it has good hype.Did the movie succeed in that ..?.Lets find out that.

KL 10 is a movie which has the full passion and essence of Malapuram region which is geographically and culturally one of the important place in Kerala.The Culture,sports,Politics etc came on to the movie as a good flavour in the movie.The love for Football,Relationships etc are the basic ingredients in the movie to keep audience Engaging.But sad to say the movie lacks a proper storyline and the screenplay has a lot of clumsiness it .Keeping these things beside KL 10 is a good entertainer and director Muhasin Perari who formerly directed an  Album which became popular on social media Native Bapa has done a good job as far as a debutant is concerned.The movie unfolds a love story which took place in the essence of Malarbar culture.

Unni Mukundan plays a character named Ahmed who loves football than anything else.The movie’s crux is the love story between ShamiyA played by Chandini Sreedharan and Ahmed played by Unni Mukundhan.The movie starts with ¬†the character played by Sreenath Bhasi starts Narrating about story of his Freinds and Ahmed’s Journey.The experimental part payed as the narration style in using Sreenath Bhasi as the Narrator.The movie has much of hilarious and humour moments.The director was skill full in essaying the proper Malapuram and its soul.The movie has its own highs and lows as far as the script is concerned.However the Malapuram Slang and the flavours makes audience engaged to a good extent.

Music from Bijipal is innovative .The other actors such as Sreenath Bhasi,Aju Varghese,Aneesh Menon did a splendid job .The debutant Chandini Sreedran looks good in her cinematography is good .The Movie loss a pace in betweenb here and there.However by Parts the movie is a good one to watch.


Verdict-One Time Watch-able

Rating -2.9/5

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