Kathi Review

unnamed (1)Once again A R Murugadoss and Vijay combo strikes.Kathi is an action drama written and directed by A R Murugadoss.Through this film A R Murugadoss is discussing the interfere of corporate world and how they ruined our agrarian culture.He is succeded in telling this socially relevant theme as a commercially packed one.The film focus the life of a criminal,Kathiresan and how he changes into a socially commited man.The first half resembles like a typical tamil film.The second half was more impressive and their Murugadoss makes his signature.The song sung by Yesudas in the climax portion was superb and touching.

On coming to the performance side,Vijay has done a neat performance as Kathiresan and Jeevanantham .He was good in the emotional scenes.As a heroine, Samantha looks pretty,she dance well,she smiles good and that’s all.Neil Nithin Mukesh was impressive,his name can be included in the list of suave,stylish villains.

Technically,Murugadoss direction was pretty good and as a writer the mass-drama mix was in correct proportion.Cinematography was nice.BGM was impressive.Songs were not good except the climax song.If the editing was fine,the film sounds better than now.Some unwanted scenes and misplaced songs makes little bit boring and a duration of long 165 minutes.

Overall,Kathi is a good commercial movie with a socially relevant theme….

My Rating:3.5/5
Review:Nadirsha K.N

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