Kammattipadam Review

Even from watching Gangs Of Waseypur I was eagerly waiting for a film like that to happen in our industry also and Kammattipadam is the one that fulfill my wish. Rajeev Ravi, the favorite Cinematographer of the ever realistic director Anurag Kashyap has also follows his colleague pavement and thereby deviating the conventional way. For me the name Rajeev Ravi is enough to watch Kammattipadam on the very first day first show itself. Even from his very first film Rajeev Ravi is the one director who made a mark in Industry and later he proved that he is establishing a new genre to the Malayalam cinema named as RAJEEV RAVI FILMS. In Kammattipadam also he proves that he is on his path steady and contrary.



Coming to Kammatipadam, can be called as a gangster story like the above mentioned Kashyap film. The story revolves around the life of some youths in the place Kammattipadam , mainly Krishnan and his gang. Kammatipaadam is a film which marks some extreme performance from the actors and definitely follows as emotional track with some family basis.Dulquer as Krishnan, he packed him as a actor as very well even from Charlie and here also he made an impressive performance and he is able to handle emotions to the perfection. He appears in 3 different get-ups in the movie, which depicts the three different stages of his character and he done it neatly. Vinayakan as Ganga , I think he is utilized well in nowadays apart from early days and here also he excels with his portrayal.

I don’t know all the debutant names in Kammattipadam, all new faces are eminently good  screen especially the man who portrayed as Balan. Shaun Romy as Anitha , yet another great choose from Rajeev Ravi she is apt in his character. Kammattipadam has a big star cast including Vinay fort, P Balachandran, Shine Tom Chacko, Suraj, Soubin, Alencier… all are good in their roles.Anil Alasan Nair , he needs a special mention his face is only seen in Rajeev Ravi films, beyond that he wanted to be treated better he has the potential and here in Kammattipadam as Surendran, excellent performance.Making wise, Kammattipadam has its beauty in Rajeev Ravi’s direction and emotions that carried in the script, both these factors made Kammattipadam well sound and P Balachandran name want to be mentioned. Along with Scripting and Direction there is Madhu Neelaklandan Cinematography to enhance the mood, stunning visuals from him.

Music by K, John p Varkey and Vinayakan was good enough to intensify the glory of the movie especially BGM and title song feels close to the movie. Sound effects was also good with some fine editing by Ajith Kumar
Overall, Kammattipadam is a fine work from Rajeev Ravi and team followed by his unconventional mixing of drama. This is not everyone’s cup of tea so keep away if you are expecting a masala entertainer from Dulquer- Rajeev Ravi combo. This one is for some one who loves cinema in all it’s flavor.



Review:Nadirsha K

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