Kaadu Pookkunna Neram Review



Dr Biju is the one director who always put a strong political background for his films and thereby exposing his Political Stand without any cunctation. Kaadu Pokkunnu Neram is also a one which accomplices a bold Political statement on the general unquestioning conviction of the people on the Maoist movements that has been happening and as like his earlier films he told that in a way which is more bold as a committed film director.
Kaadu Pookkunna Neram deals with the clash between agents of authority and those oppressed in the name of law and security. A policeman follows a person and nabs the person. The person arrested happens to be a woman. He tries to come out of the forest with the arrested person, but he loses his way in the wild. Even though the woman knows the path to get out of the forest, she is not willing to show him the way and the rest deals with how he found the WAY to get out from the FOREST.

Kaadu Pokkunna Neram is a bold attempt from Dr Biju which depicts the clash between the authority and those who maltreated by the so called authority and the law. Kaadu Pookkunna Neram is a seditious subject presented in a usual realistic tempo and there also feels the usual drag. By taking the fact of present day and situations created by the ruling authority, Kaadu Pookkunna Neram is something that is going to sensational and deserves a must watch.

Indrajith Sukumaran as Police Officer depicted a neat performance and the nature of handling that character was impressive. Even though he was really good in that role sometimes his performances feel me like reminding his previous Police Officer roles that he had done in the film Left Right Left (Vattu Jayan). Rima Kallingal had done a bold performance and she is able to feel that character on screen and her chose to select roles like this to be appreciated. Indrans, Praksh Bare and Krishnan Balakrishnan was the other portrayals and they all are sincerely done their roles.
Dr Biju is able to made this film transparently without hesitating to nothing and that was to be specially mentioned, but coming on detailing even though the script was wonderfully made written there are some usual drag and drama there and the director is not able to get rid from that, at the same time these two factors never affect the overall experience of the film. Next thing wanted to be specially said from the section is the Dialogues, it has the power and the real depth of the film in it.

Technically, Cinematography is handled by M J Radhakrishnan and he shot the film with the right intensity. Each Visual has its profundity and the spook of the forest. Editing was fine. BGM seems better when comparing to the whole mood of the film. One thing to be specially mentioned from the technical section is Sound Mixing and they done it with almost perfection.

Overall, Kaadu Pookkunna Neram is yet another daring attempt from Dr Biju and as I said earlier, considering the current political scenario in India Kaadu Pokkunna Neram gives you a better watch and it had the elements to bother the authorities now here…
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