Iyobinte Pusthakam Review

dsfIyobinte Pusthakam  is a periodic film directed by the most stylish director in Malayalam industry Amal Neeradh.The movie is set in the period of 1946-1957 which primarly focus the life of Iyob and his sons.The story of the film is similar to Amal Neeradh recent film what he have been changed is his directorial style,he tried to make this one into more impressive manner through his visuals.He added different colour tones to his visuals and he is able to tell this story by giving predominance to the period which movie takes place.More than it’s content Iyobinte Pusthkam excels in it’s technical side,probably in Amal Neeradh’s Visuals.

On coming to the performance side Fahadh is able to deliver a neat performance as Alloshi.Jinu and Chemban Vinod are sincere to their roles.Jayasurya once again proved that he is a versatile actor,he improvise me than any other characters in this film.He is apt for that role,a very different role from usual hero proved that the actor in him can go to any extend.He looks as a sauve,stylish villain.Rest of the characters was good at their job.

Technically,the film enhances in cinematograghy by the director itself.A big applaud to Amal Neeradh because the visual treat was great.As a director he succeeded in making this film into an engaging one but he fails in choosing a better script.Editing was fine.BGM was impressive and it really suits.Music was just ok.Sound effects and Visual effects were also good.Art department needs a special mention.

Overall, Iyobinte pusthakam is a good visual treat…..

My Rating : 3.5/5
Review :Nadirsha Kn

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