11207334_871639712916150_971313002427569887_nExpectations are there when we hear that Shyamaprasad is making a movie beyond from his quotidian style,if you’re watching Ivide by keeping this type of expectations in mind definitely it will make you pulled off from this movie,so the first thing I want to say is that go for it by keeping Ivide has an Shyamaprasad’s ‘habituality’ is there.Anyway coming to the movie,Ivide is set in the backdrops of major US cities revolving around the life of three peoples who are at different professions and their life is connected with an unparallel investigation.I can’t say that Ivide is a completely different one from Shyamaprasad,it’s a completely packaged brand with almost all flavours from him.Ivide has an unusual part from its technical side and made splendid compared with his early movies.

On screen almost are from English except the lead actors.Prithviraj delivers a clean performance as Varun Blake and precisely his English accent is well rooted for that character as a US citizen and this one is something to be specially mentioned.I think this one is going to be my favourite cop role from Prithviraj.Next is Nivin Pauly as Krish Hebbar,he made a deviation from his stagnant youth vibrant roles and here he done it nicely without any shades from his previous one.Bhavana as Roshni Mathew was just upto an okay level.As i said in the beginning except these three almost all are foreign performers so name by name exposition is difficult,so I think I can end this paragraph by saying that rest of the cast was good at their job.

As I said earlier making wise Ivide is a ‘brand’ one from Shyamaprasad,it’s can’t be wholly added in the genre thriller; yes it’s the factor that it has an investigative part in this but it’s something like unparallel,concretely I can say that Ivide stands for emotions among the three main portrayals.Ivide is penned by Ajayan Venugopal,who early teamed for ‘English’ and his scripting is blend up with Shyamaprasad’s directorial style and the mix to make this as a crime drama was in correct proportion.

Technically,Ivide is imposing and has a Hollywood touch.Erick Dickinson cinematography along with fine cuts from Manoj makes Ivide to it’s perfection and scores most of the credit from this side.Music and BGM from Gopi Sundar is impressive and the song ‘etho theerangal’ is going to be placed in hit charts.

Overall,Ivide impressed me in all aspects and it’s not to be a real sensation from Shyamaprasad.The prior thing is that not expect an edge to seat /swift thriller from Shyamaprasad and keep in your mind it’s not an offbeat move from him and definitely Shyamaprasad signature is there,so go for it with less expectation,watch it as a Shyamaprasad movie and you’ll love with this.Then it’s the time for a sum up,the number you’re looking for Ivide is 3.5/5

My Rating: 3.5/5

Review By Nadirshah K.N

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