Indru Netru Naalai


Indru Netru Naalai is a new movie directed by Ravi Kumar having Vishna Vishal and Miya George in lead Roles.The movie is produced by C.V Kumar under Thirukumaran Entertainments,the banner which has delivered on of best movies of recent times.Indru Netru Naalai” has been released on Friday, 26 June on thrtres .As expected the movie is a science fiction movie and it portrays the concept of Time Travel first time in Tamil Cinema.The concept which is much familiar in Western movies is bought into Tamil Film celluloid for the first time by Director Ravikumar.As the banner’s name is Thirukumaran Entertainments the movie had a minimum guarantee before the relaese. It was maintained after watching the movie too.The movie is a well made Science fiction  thriller.

C.V Kumar always has belif in youth and his belifs were [proven rightin almost all movies which he produced .Starting from Attakathi to latest Indru Netru Naalai C.V Kumar males a statement that he is Mr.Perfect in taking the new projects and New scripts.Before going through the review ;let me clarify one thing Intru Netru Naalai is not pure science oriented Fiction movie loke intertsteller.The director has made it simple that the fiction element in the movie is easy to be understood by anyone.He also deosn’t involved many technical Terms in the movie too.What he did was made audeinece engaged to a plot which is something unique for the indudtry.

Like most of the Tamil movies in recent times the movie starts of in a very slow pace.The movie Interlinks the Sarcastic Jokes and a bit of Romance elements to get settled in .Later the fictitious part gets added in and movie takes of from there.Vishnu Vishal was simply brilliant in his character .His looks ,mannerisms etc looked like he was much transformed his way into a method actor which seems to be a great improvement.Since Mundasupatti Vishnu was in a Golden patch.The Ram movie earned him a thumps up and break from his cliché roles which he was used to get before that.Jeeva became the sleeper hit can be termed as the movie of the year 2014.Similaraly Indru Netru Naalai will also shows the purple patches of the young actor.

The Chemistry between Vishnu and Miya George was something very good to watch .The actress who earned rave reviews from critics for his movie Amarakaaviyam delivered a good performance in Indru Netru Naalai.Karaunakaran also made his role to be perfectly stitched for him.Arya had  a cameo appearance in movie at the begging and at the end which was visualised pretty good.The movie story is about the Time Travel machine. Elango (Vishnu) a guy who wants to achieve big in his life. Karunakaran plays the role of a fake astrologer friend of Elango.Elango has a friend (T.M Karthick) who is  sceintist.Arya Plays the role of a scientist who invents a time machine on 2065 and with that he travels to 2015.Accidently Elango and his friends saws the time machine and some how they gets it.Elango and his Girlfriend Anu(Miya) starts travelling on it.On there way to past they did some mistakes.Later inorder to solve the problems Elango went to Future and Tries hard to rectify the problems.Will he suceed in that.Indru Netru Naalai’s Rest plot shows that.

On the second half the movies folds into a gangster atmosphere which was little bit clumsy here and there ,but the director has done necessary steps to make audience engaged to the script via humorous scenes.Also there are some touching scenes like Anu revisist her childhood and kisses herself when she was a new born baby.Karaunakaran as always did the comedy part to his perfection.On moving to technical side the music from Hiphop Tamizha was good and Cinematography was also good.Miya ,Vishnu and all the actors were good in their roles.

Indru Netru Naalai is a good science fiction movie with lot of local elements to keep normal audience engaged in




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