Indian Pranaya Kadha Review

Sathyan Anthikkad’s latest movie Oru Indian Pranayakadha with Fahad Fazil and Amala Paul in the lead, is all about the life of a young politician, and the transformation he undergoes when a girl enters his life.Story:Aymanam Sidharthan (Fahad Fazil) is the youth conference mandalam president of RDF party and a well known social figure. Sidharthan wants to be a MLA of the place but high commission nominates another person to the election
In despair Sidharthan takes a break from the political works and as suggested by Uthupp Vallikkadan (Innocent), the district president of the party, he joins with Irene Gardner (Amala Paul), a Canadian Malayali, who is on her mission to make a documentary about orphanages.Sidharthan’s love interest is Divya (Shafna), daughter of a big gun. But their relation doesn’t work out well as Sidharthan always fails to express his love due to social commitments. On his days with Irene, Sidharthan finds that there are more missions for Irene on her visit than just the documentary making. Will Irene and Sidharthan succeed in their mission? Answer lies in the rest of the storyline.Performance:Performance wise Fahad Fazil scores big time. His character of Aymanan Sidharthan proves the flexibility of this actor to perform roles with comedy touch. Amala Paul looks good in the role of Irene Gardner. Dubbing could have been better though. Innocent has given yet another convincing act through Uthupp Vallikkadan.Other actors including Lakshmi Gopalaswamuy (Thulasi), Prakash Bare (Azad), Shafna (Divya), Krishnaprabha (Sudha) have too given decent performances.Technical Aspects:Cinematography by Pradeep Nair is not a wonder, still holds that charm a movie need.Music by Vidyasagar is impressive. Three songs of the movie and BGM does create a positive note for the movie.Script by Iqbal Kuttipuram is not flawless. First half of the movie was near perfect, while the later half seemed half baked. Still, the script had its moments for the viewers.Verdict:Sathyan Anthikkad has left his cliched family melodramas and tried something new and he deserves an applause for the same
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