I Movie review

iI movie directed by Shanker was realesed yesterday on 20000 screens all over the world.The movie had a great opening and almost broke south indian collection records til dated.I the movie took about three years of shot and production work which started in 2012.The movie stars Vikram in the laed role.The movie had much hype surrounded around them as the budget for the movie almost crossed 180 crores as per the producers statements.

I ,can be called simply as a Shanker movie.It had all the elments of a Shanker movie.Exiting stunt sequences,Great song locations,Superb sets,Graphics magic etc etc.Whatever which was neede the story to look exitable SAhan ker has deliverd it with a punch.The movie revolves around Lingeshwaran who tries to became Mr india Body Building titile after sucessfully crowned as Mister Chennai.Lingeshwaran is a graet admirer /fan of Model Diya ,charecter played by Ami Jackson.Due to certain circumstances Lingeshwaran was fofrecd to end his Body Building career and starts his new life as a model.With his first ad itself he becames the number one model in India.But it also creates many enemies around Him.They tries to destroy Lingeshwaran.They almost destroys his career .The rest follows Lingshwarans Revenge and reamaing plot

Shanker in unique style of story telling with mass visuals had made the movie into a nice and intresting peice of work.P.C Sreeram as always  proved that he is a director’s delight.Regarded as one the most talented cinematographer in India P.C Sreeram bought an x factor to the movie.The only mistake Felt in the movie was a thin Oneline which could boast off much.But the crafstmen inside shanker had made it into great experience for the viewers.Vikram gave a superb and powerful role in movie.I can be reagarded as the career best movie of Vikram.Where he ashtonished everyone through his emotions and charcter oreintations


Negatives-Thin Oneline

Rating 3/5

Verdict- Visual treat


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