Honey Bee 2 Review



Today, it had been ended the waits of the most of the Youth for Honey Bee Sequel name Honey Bee 2; Celebrations. A sequel to Honey Bee was immediately announced after the release of the film, but due to various reasons the project got delayed for two years. Later, Lal Jr announced that apart from the original cast, actors Sreenivasan and Lena would also be essaying pivotal roles in the film. Honey Bee created a sensational hit in that year, mostly it becomes the favorite of Youth at that time and the dialogues got more popularity. Coming to the sequel, more than the celebrations, here they put a strong family background to this one and now this time the Celebrations are not only for Youth but also to the family. Let’s have a look on to the cinema…

honey bee 2

Honey Bee 2 Celebrations unwraps the intriguing incidents before the climax of Honey Bee. Honey Bee ends with the marriage of Angel, the only sister of Punnyalanmar, and Seban and they praying together at Punyalanmar’s father’s tomb. As I said in the beginning Honey Bee 2 had got wider and a big platform than the first one and here they packed this as an complete entertainer considering the family audience and more characters are waiting there for you to enhance your impression.
17424676_1655144598127409_4802877238232171076_n On Screen, Asif Ali is in his mature performanceand at the same time he puts that energy needed for that character as like as the first part. He is being improving and understanding a lot from his previous performances and thereby he can able to deliver an evolved presentation of characters and this is visible in him from earlier films. Next is the team of Seban and that includes Baburaj, Sreenath Bhasi and Balu Varghese. As like as the first part here also these three of them are excels with their comedy timing and humors. For Baburaj Honey Bee 2 is going to be a yet another good curve in his way. Bhavana had also made a good comeback with her performance and she made that role impressive with her performance.

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Lal, Suresh Krishna, Asim Jamal, Amith, Sreenivasan, Lena, Joy Mathew, Premkumar, Harisree Asokan, Arun, Eloor George, Chembil Asokan, Sohan Seenulal, Kavitha Nair, Ponnamma Babu, and Mini Arun play rest of the significant roles. In these Srinivasan, Harisree Ashokan and Lena are being fresher’s in the group of Honey Bee and no more explanation about their role in these film and that’s the surprise to be revealed only on the theatres. On performance wise as usual both of them done neatly in respective roles. Harisree Ashokan, had also got a space in this and he too handled the humor well. Rests of the actors were good in their portrayal and sincere to their roles.

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Making wise, Lal Jr impresses with his directorial style again, he is the one who put all the ingredients and mixed that ingredients into proper ratio and thereby delivered a complete family entertainer. Handling this huge cast and the success of first part is being the difficult things for Lal Jr, but he hold that well in his hands. Scripting is one by Lal Jr along with SGB Kottarakkara, no more flaws from the side and the film got what demanded from this section.


Technically, Honey Bee 2 got rich in this section, mainly Cinematograhy by Alby. Alby proves that he is a Cinematograher who can puts his perspective in visuals along with the director’s view, in Honey Bee 2 also he made a sincere approach and frames are visually opulent. Deepak DevMusic is the next factor, the songs are made me hear repeatedly and as like as Baburaj Honey Bee 2 is going to a pivotal one in his coming days. Editing was done by Ratheesh Raj, fine cuts from him.

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Overall, you can start celebrations one more time with the Honey Bee and the Director put all the stuff here for you to impress with Honey Bee 2. As like I said many times in the lines, Honey Bee 2 is a perfect watch for Family as well as the Youth. Honey Bee 2 is not a film which tests your patience and I can assure that it has elements for you to laugh loud and to entertain. Book the tickets and be the part of Celebration…