Hi i’m Tony -A brave experiment


10556868_338199843002796_5684394372024982681_oHi i’m Tony is a thriller genre movie directed by Lal Junior,Starring Lal senior ,Asif Ali and Mia in lead roles.Lal Junior Debuted in Malayalam film industry through Honey bee which proved out to be a blockbuster in all means.tony which is very much diffrent from Honey bee is a brave attempt and Jean Paul Lal ,the director deserves appreciation for that.


Sameer (Asif Ali) and Achayan (Biju Menon) are employees of an interior decoration firm. Sameer falls in love with Tina (Mia) and decides to live in together. Achayan helps the couples by providing them with a flat in Bangalore

One night a Man named Tony comes into their Life.A man who seems to be lunatic in all means.Tony, comes to their flat and introduces himself as the chairman of an IT company. He also offers Sameer a job in his company. As tony enters Sameer’s and Tina’s life Their life sets to new turns .

The movie’s first half seems to be in normal phase and as it goes on to second half it takes pace and goes on in a thriller mode.The final 20 minitues of the Movie makes the movie worth watching.

Lal senior’s look and his performance as Tony superb .Asif and Miya’s onscreen chemistry was good too .Miya looked gorgeous in her new makeover..The film had only limited characters.

One of the specialty of the movie was the sink sound technique used for sound recording.It was a good approach ,and most probably more thriller genre movies will follow the same technique soon.Depak dev’s music was good especially the BGM for final 20 minit was great. Alby succeeded in catching the dark shaded shots and impressed the viewers.

Over all Hi i’m Tony is a thriller genre movie with good technical ambience and good direction.But somewhere in the script leaks are seen and that proved out to be bad part in the movie.Jean paul lal needs applauses for carrying out the making technique which evolved out as the treatment for the movie.This young man had no compromise on the treatment and making sectors which made Hi i’m Tony to be a psychic thriller .





Direction,Lal,Miya,BGM,Second Half,Sound technology


First Half,script

Verdict-Watch at your own risk ,because Hi I’m Tony may not be digestible to all kind.It’s a psychic thriller movie good making.