Hello Namasthe Review ,Rating and Collection




Hello Namasthe is a new movie directed by Jayan .K.Nair having Sanju Sivaram,Vinay Fort,Miya George and Bhavana on the lead roles.The movie was released on theatres all over Kerala on 19th February .The movie was penned by Krishna Poojapurra who formerly scripted movies like Happy Husbands,Husbands in Goa etc.The movie had its own hype as the trailer and teaser along with the promotional Song done by Masala Coffe band was impressive and got viral in Social Media.Has the movie full Filled that .Well lets found out on the detailed review.

Hello Namasthe Review

Hello Namsthe is a flick which was made to entertain family and youth from the debutant director Jayan K Nair.The movie centres around the city life where the lead male protagonists are popular FM channel Radio Jockeys from hello FM.Sanju Sivaram and Vinay Fort plays the main lead protagonists R.J  Jerry and R.J Madhav .The movie’s crux is based on a Jack fruit tree which is on the courtyard of a apartments where the R.J Madhav and R.J Jerry lives .Anna character played by cute and Charming miya is jerry’s wife and Priya played by Bhavana is Madhav’s wife.Bhavana and Miya george where the show steelers and they did there role perfectly.The movie went to a take off when the Jack fruit Tree( our own plaavu) which is between the two houses become an annoyance.It was almost tailor made roles for the two actress.The plot was convincing and it had good stuff within it to be a good entertainer.Krishna Pojapurra’s witty numbers were worth laughing and serious efforts were made from the direction side to make good entertainer from a simple story line.


On moving on to the technical aspects of the movie Gopi Sunder’s background music was perfectly handled to get the optimum result.He once again showed of his master class in this department.Well we always know that Krishna Poojapurra’s scripts are little bit on the fictitious side as they were made  people laugh.The similar was also seen in Hello Namasthe as the veteran script writer has penned a decent new generation comedy riot which centres around the city life.The convincing factor behind the movie was,it was made in a simple and elegant manner.Jayan .K .Nair’s visual presentation style was much unique from the normal Krishna Poojapura films directed by Saji Surendran.The climax of the movie was a nice one and it packs a punch .Joju George’s and Soubin’s performances made audience to laugh even though there characters had less relevance in the film’s whole story line.The Jackfruit Tree Story was a good concept as the lead charcter’s performance too made the plot in to nice Family Entertainer.

Hello Namasthe Review Rating

Positives-First Half,Climax,Direction

Negatives- Flat witty numbers here and there,Songs

Verdict- A Decent Family Entertainer

Rating -3.25 plus .25 (for the casting)